ESX-3XM (32-bit) programmable controller (off-highway)

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Like all other ESX controllers, the ESX-3XM from Sensor-Technik Wiedemann is also rated for the rough environment of off-highway vehicles. The ESX-3XM controller is developed on the basis of the ESX-3XL controller. The housing of the ESX-3XM is a half sized ESX-3XL housing.

The ESX-3XM provides up to 65 software configurable inputs and outputs. Due to the modular design, 42 of these 65 inputs and outputs are customizable and can be configured to create an optimal matching controller for any kind of application.

The base version, with 23 inputs and outputs, provides four CAN interfaces and one EIA-232 (RS-232) serial interface. More CAN or EIA-232 (RS-232) interfaces, as well as other communication interfaces like USB or Ethernet can be added easily.

The processor system of the ESX-3XM with the 150 MHz TC1796 from Infineon contains 4 MiB of RAM and 6 MiB of Flash. A buzzer for audio alarms, and LEDs for status indication help troubleshoot the system without any special software tools.

The system is designed to realize safety related applications according to SIL 2/IEC 61508 PLd/EN ISO 13849. Safety features are supervised by a separate, independent micro-controller.