750-806 DeviceNet controller and interface to the WAGO-I/O-system

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PLC - DeviceNet Programmable Fieldbus Controller; 125 … 500 Kbaud; digital and analog signals; 16-bit CPU

The DeviceNet PLC combines control functionality, I/O interface and fieldbus in one device.

Programming PLC applications is performed in compliance with IEC 61131-3. The programmer can access all fieldbus and I/O data.

Features and applications:

  • Use of decentralized control can better support a PLC or PC
  • Complex applications can be divided into individually testable units
  • Programmable fault response in the event of a fieldbus failure
  • Signal pre-processing reduces fieldbus transmissions
  • Peripheral equipment can be controlled directly, resulting in faster system response times
  • Stand-alone, compact controller