emPC family of dataloggers

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The emPC family is the flexible embedded computing platform for CAN data logging, for the use as intelligent gateway or controlling purposes within the CAN network.

Due to permanent minimization of all machines the emPC series is a small but flexible and high performance computing system which matches all needs of different customized solutions.

Besides current Intel processors for e.g. Core2Duo, Atom N270 or Z530, ARM based architectures are also available. Processors can be chosen appropriate to your application, with optimal CPU performance and power consumption. For almost all applications a passive cooling solution is available.

An IEC 61131-3 Soft PLC solution is also available and makes the emPC series to a high quality control system with integrated CAN interfaces.

Additionally the emPC systems are able to be mounted on the rear side of a LCD display to become a flexible HMI system with or without touchscreen. Look for our emVIEW family for more information.