CANtrol controller family

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The CANtrol controllers are now equipped with a powerful 400 or 800 MHz processor including a floating point unit. With its enormous performance a wide range of challenging real-time applications can be implemented. State of the art interfaces like Ethernet and USB and an SD card interface are on board. The controllers also provide two CAN interfaces. One for the communication between the controllers or for long distance networks. The other for fast and local CANopen NMT master communication to remote I/Os, drives and other CANopen NMT slaves. CAN/Ethernet gateway applications can be programmed with a TCP/IP library.

For a fast adaptation of sensors and actuators the cell controllers are equipped with different key features:

  • Digital and analog I/Os
  • Encoder interfaces
  • Serial links
  • Interface for extension modules

Standard programming tools

All cell controllers of the Berghof CANtrol series are programmed by Windows based programming tools. Depending on your specific requirements, choose IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC programming (Codesys) or the 'C' high-level language interface with direct access to the real-time operating system. We provide the tools to support you at all stages of software development.