Altivar Controller Inside interface board and controller

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Programmable card for frequency inverters for 3-phase asynchronous motors


The "Controller Inside" programmable card by Schneider Electric is used to adapt the variable speed drive to specific applications by integrating control system functions.

It can be programmed by PowerSuite 1131 in IEC 1131-3.

It fits into Altivar 61 and 71 variable speed drives.

Various predefined configurable applications are sold by Schneider Electric and its partners.

It is not possible to transfer the program from the card to the PC, which enables us to protect the know-how.


  • 10 logic inputs, two of which can be used for two counters or four of which can be used for two incremental encoders
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 6 logic outputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • A master port for the CANopen network
  • A PC port for programming with the PowerSuite 1131 software workshop

A single "Controller Inside" programmable card can be fitted in the Altivar 71 drive. It can be combined with another option card (I/O extension or communication).

The "Controller Inside" programmable card can also use:

  • The drive I/O
  • The I/O extension card I/O
  • The encoder interface card counter
  • The drive parameters (speed, current, torque, etc)


If the power consumption does not exceed 200 mA, this card can be powered by the drive. Otherwise, an external 24 VDC power supply must be used.

Programming software

The PowerSuite 1131 software workshop for PC is used for programming and debugging new applications, quickly and in an open-ended manner.

It complies to international standard IEC 61131-3, six programming languages are available:

  • Ladder language (LD)
  • Structured Text language (ST)
  • Grafcet language (SFC)
  • Instruction List language (IL)
  • Function blocks (DFB)
  • Continuous Flow Chart (CFC)

The PowerSuite 1131 software workshop has pre-programmed function blocks (standard library) and offers users the option of creating their own function blocks (user library).

The standard library contains:

  • Logic functions (AND, OR, etc)
  • Mathematical functions (Cos, Sin, Exp, etc)
  • Function blocks dedicated to drives which simplify data exchanges between the drive and the "Controller Inside" programmable card (example: sending the speed reference)
  • Function blocks for managing the CANopen bus
  • Graphic terminal display function blocks

Various functions are used to debug the application program:

  • Display changes in variables (table of variables and oscilloscope)
  • Force variables
  • Place breakpoints
  • Execute the program step by step