Altivar IMC drive controller

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Achieve greater intelligence in less space! Altivar IMC integrated controller card for Altivar 61 & 71 variable speed drives

The integrated controller card Altivar IMC by Schneider Electric is a new, compact and optimized controller dedicated to OEM machine builders who design machines for applications such as hoisting, pumping, textile, and woodworking. Based on the concept of "flexible machine control", the new integrated controller card Altivar IMC improves the expandability of machines and satisfies OEM requirements for performance, installation simplicity and ease of machine evolution.

Speed up machine design

SoMachine software:

  • 6 programing languages (IEC 1131-3)
  • Function blocks
  • Tested, validated, documented architectures
  • Maximise operation and reduce maintenance
  • Diagnosis through transparency and remote access

Ethernet embedded: performance and openess (10/100 Mbits/s)

Available protocols:

  • Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • SoMachine protocol
  • FTP server embedded
  • Web server embedded

CANopen master embedded

Flexibility for your distributed architectures:

  • Up to 32 slaves
  • Up to 1 Mbits/s

Speed up machine design:

  • CANopen configurator integrated in SoMachine software
  • PLCOpen motion libraries
  • 30 % less costly than a conventional PLC-based solution

A more intelligent drive

  • Performs more complex operations (2 MiB memory)
  • Reduces program loading time (mini-B USB connectors)
  • Communicates with all other system devices (embedded Ethernet connection and CANopen port)

A more open human-machine interface

  • Direct customisation of the Altivar drive's graphic display (8 lines of 24 characters)
  • Dedicated Altivar IMC menu
  • Customisable menu tailored to the application

Easy to integrate

Altivar IMC integrates seamlessly into numerous different application architectures, including:

  • Hoisting
  • Textiles
  • Winder/unwinder
  • Pumping (booster stations and irrigation)

Flexible machine control

  • The Altivar IMC is part of a wider platform offer:
  • Logic controllers Modicon M238, M258
  • Logic Motion Controller Modicon LMC058
  • HMI controller Magelis XBT-GC

SoMachine programming software

Shorter machine development times using SoMachine programming software means there is just:

  • 1 project file
  • 1 software program
  • 1 application download
  • SoMachine is the dedicated software used by all controllers

Open and communicative

Totally transparent access to all other devices in the system architecture via CANopen with FDT/DTM technology. The integrated controller card Altivar IMC can also use the:

  • Drive local I/O
  • Drive extension I/O card
  • Drive communication option card
  • Encoder interface card speed feedback counter
  • Drive parameters (speed, current, torque, etc.)