Modicon LMC058 family of motion controllers

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The Modicon LMC058 motion controller is the optimum solution for axis control and positioning, including automation functions. Part of Schneider Electric's "flexible machine control" concept, it meets the needs of a wide range of applications in all business sectors.

This motion controller is designed for machine manufacturers (OEMs) who require synchronized axes, focusing on applications such as packaging, conveying and storage machines, metal and wood working machines, etc. and offers high performance solutions for velocity control, counting, axis control and communication functions.

To this end, the LMC058 master motion controller includes as standard:

  • A CANopen master
  • A CANmotion master dedicated to control of up to 8 synchronized axes, with a performance of 2 ms for 4 axes 

With Modicon LMC058 motion controllers, Lexium 32 and Lexium SD3 drives, and BSH and BDH servo motors, Schneider Electric offers a complete, high performance and cost-effective solution.


The Modicon LMC058 motion controller performs axis synchronization and coordination, via a field-bus, for applications requiring control of up to eight synchronized axes.

It integrates the standard motion control functions:

  • Velocity control and torque control
  • Relative or absolute positioning
  • Cam profiles for slave axes and control of programmable cam switches
  • Virtual axes
  • Electronic gearing function for velocity and position, linear and circular interpolations (2½D)
  • Master axis using an external encoder
  • Distance measurement and position capture on high-speed (30 μs) discrete input

This is specifically designed for applications such as:

  • Material handling machines (conveyors, palletizers, storage and retrieval systems, etc.) and transfer machines (cranes, etc.)
  • Assembly machines (tool fixing, clamping, etc.)
  • Inspection and quality control machines
  • Packaging machines working "on the fly" (flying shear, printing, marking, etc.)
  • Wood and metal working machines

In terms of performance, the Modicon LMC058 motion controller has a dual-core processor:

Core 1 is dedicated exclusively to managing program tasks and offers the maximum resources for real-time execution of synchronized axis control and the application code.

Core 2 is dedicated to executing communication tasks, which then have no further impact on the application execution performance.

Execution of the motion task is synchronized with the CANmotion bus cycle time.

This task calculates the position of the synchronized axes and is programmed with SoMachine V2.0 software, which offers six IEC 61131-3 programming languages:

  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Ladder (LD)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Grafcet (SFC)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Continuous Function Chart (CFC)

The ease of use of PLCopen function blocks significantly reduces the time taken to program motion control and control independent and synchronized axes on machines.

The ability to combine motion functions with standard automation functions offers both maximum flexibility and a high level of performance. The LMC058 master motion controller is able to control synchronization of real, remote and virtual axes.