TWD NCO1M CANopen Master module for Twido programmable controller

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Schneider Electric's master module TWD NCO1M for CANopen allows Twido programmable controllers version ≥ 3.0 – compact controller models TWD LC-A 24DRF or TWD LCA-40DRF and all modular controllers – to act as CANopen master.

The network consists of a master station, the Twido controller and slave stations. The master is in charge of configuration, exchanges and diagnostics on the slaves.

The CANopen network is a communication type bus and allows the management of various slaves such as:

  • Discrete slaves
  • Analog slaves
  • Variable speed drives
  • Motor starters

The Twido CANopen master controls up to 16 slaves, each with an input PDO (Process Data Object) and an output PDO.

If a slave has more than one PDO, the maximum number of slaves managed is reduced by that number.


CANopen network master module TWD NCO1M comprises:

  • An earthed, 3-way, 24 VDC supply connector
  • A PWR LED, indicating module power ON or OFF
  • A DE-9 connector for connection to the CANopen network
  • An earth screw
  • A connector for connection to the Twido controller or to another I/O expansion module.