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Auto-steer options connect to CAN

Published 2013-08-01

Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) offers a range of auto-steer options with CAN. The company offers SteerDirect hydraulic systems and CAN-connecting steering options that communicate directly with the tractor’s CAN system, Steer-Ready Kits (SRK), which provide a retro-fit electro-hydraulic solution, and the QuickSteer assisted steering motor.

THE STEERDIRECT CAN SOLUTION connects the guidance solution directly to the tractor’s CAN network. Plus, when connecting directly to the CAN network of the tractor, the guidance device communicates directly with existing controllers, valves and sensors already in the tractor. In emulation mode, CAN steering allows the user to continue using their existing third-party displays, providing network solutions like Virtual Wrench service, Glonass satellite positioning, and class-leading terrain compensation. CAN steering capability is built into the guidance solutions and provides single cable connection for installation.

The SteerDirect ES is an electric steering system, which provides a retrofit steering solution. It is transferable from vehicle to vehicle and offers 4-axis terrain compensation with the company’s mojo3D and Twist, or 6-axis terrain compensation with mojo3D and mojoXact. It communicates via the CAN protocol and is equipped with several safety features like automatic steer override, a cutch override switch, and a roading / engage safety switch. The steering system has an operating temperature of -20 °C to 60 °C and a storage temperature of -40 °C to 85 °C. Its ingress protection is IP51-rated and the vibration resistance of 3 g (10 Hz to 1200 Hz). It survives a drop of 1 m onto concrete and needs 9 VDC to 16 VDC at more than 3 A.

The SteerDirect SRK is built for retrofitting tractors with existing electro-hydraulic components. The controller translates CAN messages from the guidance solution into electrical signals to drive the equipment via electro-hydraulic components and sensors.

The QuickSteer motor is a retrofit solution that connects guidance solutions to a range of agricultural vehicles. It is essentially a motor that automatically turns the steering wheel once mounted to the tractor’s steering column via the bracket provided in the kit.
It features a CAN interface with a 19-bit identifier and 250 kbit/s with or without 120 R for a connection to the steering console. The motor is transferable from one vehicle to the next. The power supply should lie between 9 V and 32 V. It is reverse-polarity and overvoltage protected and it has an operation temperature between -40 °C and 65 °C.