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Compact positioning drive with CANopen interface

Published 2012-04-18

ERL Elektronik has released a further positioning drive of their PCS series with CANopen interface. The PCSI 80 ES is a compact (173 mm x 40 mm flange) brushless EC drive. It is designed for powers up to 90 W and torques up to 23 Nm. A magnetic encoder with resolution of 4096 increments per revolution is integrated.

THE CANOPEN INTERFACE COMPLIES to CiA 301 (CANopen application layer and communication profile) and to CiA 402 (CANopen device profile for drive and motion controllers). The CiA 402 is internationally standardized in IEC 61800-7-201 and IEC 61800-7-301, both of which are available from the IEC. At its website, ERL offers a command-line interface program chobj.exe for change and storing of objects at several CANopen nodes. At the moment the program functions only with the PC/CAN cards by Ixxat Automation.

All drives of the series (up to 600 W) comply with the CiA 402 profile. In combination with company’s gear units these drives are suitable for drive control and format adjustments in many application areas. Within one CANopen network it is thus possible to combine several engine power classes without having to choose different protocols.

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