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Adlink bought Lippert: Money meets expertise

Published 2012-02-22

The Taiwanese Adlink company has acquired the German Lippert firm for about 7 million €. The 40-employees company situated in Mannheim (Germany) develops and manufactures embedded controllers, embedded PCs, and PC interface boards. Some of these products provide CAN connectivity. A typical example is the two CAN-channel PCI interface board, which is also in Compact-PCI format available.

THE EMBEDDED MARKET IS GROWING. On the other hand, competition gets harder. This is reason, whythis industry is going to concentrate forces, meaning the players will merge. Adlink providing a wide range of embedded computing products and services was looking for a competent partner in Europe. Lippert specialized in designing and building ultra-compact embedded PCs, with customer applications in the areas of communications, electronic gaming, medical devices, industrial computers and multimedia technologies, was the choice of desire.

"By leveraging Lippert's solid design methodology and process, the overall quality of our embedded PC products can be effectively improved and better applied to a variety of environment-critical markets," said Jim Liu, CEO of Adlink. "With the addition of Lippert’s technical team, we will be able to provide better support to its customers in Europe and increase our global market share in module computing." The Taiwanese supplies to the test & measurement, automation & process control, gaming, communications, medical, network security, and transportation industries. This means, there is a wide overlapping of addressed application markets.

"In order to enhance competitiveness and growth, I've decided to sell,” said At the same time, we can now focus attention on new customer groups," said Peter Lippert. He will remain as CEO. "There was no financial pressure nor health concerns affecting the sale. Adlink is strengthened by the acquisition in the areas of PC/104, computer-on-modules, and embedded motherboards. We complement each other very well." In the beginning nothing will change, Lippert said. “Our products will continue to be manufactured in Germany, and I am staying on at the company."

Adlink benefits from the acquisition by strengthening technical services and relationships with trading partners in Europe. Both companies will continue to be represented by the same company in various regions such as Scandinavia and Russia.

CAN interface boards

A typical interface board designed for CAN applications is the PCI-7841/cPCI-7841. The boards provide two independent, 2,5-kV isolated CAN ports. The support data-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The boards are able to run locally higher-layer protocols. DOS libraries and Windows-DLLs are available. It is also possible to bridge the two CAN ports. The built-in SJA 1000 CAN stand-alone controller by NXP is clock with 16 MHz.

Lippert also provides the shown ECO2 computer-on-module suitable for industrial applications. The on-board CAN interface enables integration into embedded machine networks. Using Intel’s Atom E6xxT processor, the board in CoreExpress format features a wide range of interfaces. Besides CAN, there are two Serial ATA (SATA), three PCIe, seven USB, and one Gigabit-Ethernet port. The product is equipped with up to 2-GiB DDR2-RAM. The processor runs from 0,6 to 1,6 GHz consuming 2,7 to 3,9 W. This makes the product suitable for battery-powered devices. The modules are available in industrial (-20°C to +60°C) and extended temperature ranges (-40° to 85°C).

Additional information: "About CoreExpress"

These hardware features are complemented by a fail-safe capable BIOS and the Lippert Enhanced Management Technology (LEMT). LEMT provides, besides internal housekeeping, functions for Condition Monitoring. A special feature offered by the modules is the ability to measure its supply current in real-time and thus to determine the power consumption of the CPU in different operating states. Developers can embed LEMT into their applications using the provided source-code interface. LEMT Web enables remote operation using any web browser. The German company also offers the CoreExpress carrier-boards.

Ampro by Adlink

Some years ago, Adlink has acquired Ampro, a US company specialized in PC/104 boards. Under the label “Ampro by Adlink”, the company has developed a single-board computer based on the Atom processor clocked with up to 1,6 GHz. The product integrates also the EG20T platform controller featuring CAN connectivity. The module is specified for temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. It is suitable for high-vibration environments.