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Motion controller for miniature drives

Published 2012-04-24

Faulhaber has extended its portfolio by the motion controller series MC 3002 for miniature drives in the lower power range. The electronics can be used for the operation of DC micro-motors as well as for both brushless and linear DC servomotors. Control is fulfilled by means of a CAN or an EIA-232 interface.

THE SERIES MC 3002 INCLUDES DRIVES with absolute encoders and offers flexible configuration functions. Brushless DC servomotors featuring absolute encoders with high resolution allow commutation with high-precision control also at low speeds. The absolute angle information is available right from power-on, an important feature for positioning applications.
The operating mode of the MCBL 3002 motion controller is freely selectable and may be reconfigured from brushless 2-pole drives to brushless 4-pole drives, using the updated Motion Manager Software 4.7. Optimized current measurement and direct connection to motors with flex board complete the motion controller series.