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CoMs provide CAN connectivity

Published 2012-03-06

Ka-Ro electronics (Germany) offers several Computer-on-Module boards. They are equipped with micro-controllers featuring CAN on-chip protocol controller. The CAN transceiver needs to be provided by the carrier-board. Board Support Packages (BSP) for Linux as well as Windows CE are available.

THE GERMAN COMPANY DEVELOPS AND manufactures SO-DIMM modules with length of 67,6 mm and a height of 3,6 mm. The width depends on the chosen product (26 or 31 mm). The tiny boards are equipped with ARM-9 processors from Freescale (TX25) or Cortes-A8 chips from Freescale (TX53) respectively Texas Instruments (TX48). All three products feature two CAN interfaces. The Tx and Rx lines are provided at the modules direct connector pins.
The modules also feature Ethernet, USB, and UART connectivity. All modules are specified for temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. For these products, the company has developed starter-kits. Optionally, the starter-kit comes with a 5,7-inch TFT display (640 x 480 pixel). The manufacturer has established a worldwide distributor network, and has teamed up with Pengutronix, an industrial Linux solution provider. The CoMs are manufactured on three SMT lines with production capacity of more than 180000 modules per hour. Of course, the company established in 1988 provides also hardware and software development services, especially for carrier and base-boards.