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Published 2012-02-03

Dedicated for railway, avionics, agricultural or construction machines or medical equipment, the ESMini MM2 COM (95 mm x 55 mm) is equipped with Intel’s 1,6-GHz Atom E600 processor. The module by MEN (Germany) consumes 5 to 7 W. It provides several interfaces including CAN, Ethernet, USB, and SATA.

THE COMPUTER BOARD COMES with LVDS and SDVO for graphic applications. The product features a 2-GiB DDR2 SDRAM, which is soldered against shock and vibration. Different mass storage media can be accommodated directly on the carrier board. The PCI Express interface allows connecting application-specific I/O or an improved graphics performance. The real-time clock and a board management controller with watchdog complete the functionality of the computer-on-module. If the specified temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) is not sufficient, air-cooling can be applied on top of the conductive cooling cover, which encloses the module.

As all board-level products and computer systems by MEN, the MM2 is produced and tested in Germany, in order to achieve the requested quality. The company is IRIS, AS 9100, ISO 9001, and ISO 14000 certified. It runs daughter companies in France and in the United States of America.