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Compact control module for brushless motors

Published 2012-04-25

Robox (Italy) and STMicroelectronics jointly developed the on-motor-mountable SPIMD20 control module for brushless three-phase motors up to 2 kW. It dimensions 163,5 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm and weights 0,5 kg.

THE MODULE IS SUITED FOR USE in multi-axis robotics, conveyors, packaging machines, and process automation equipment. It provides a real-time communication interface supporting the CiA 402 (CANopen device profile for drive and motion controllers). The CiA 402 is internationally standardized in IEC 61800-7-201 and IEC 61800-7-301, both of which are available from the IEC. The basic firmware supports network connectivity and features PWM driving, current loop and speed-loop execution. The device features 800-V maximum supply voltage, safe architecture meeting IEC 61800-5-1 and position feedback via a resolver or a digital encoder.

Robox is a company specialized in motion control. Its products are adaptable to applications where dozens of axes have to be controlled. Company’s controllers communicate via such interfaces as CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethercat etc. For example the µRMC3 compact motion controller may act as a CANopen NMT master for up to 32 axes in interpolated mode (as specified in CiA 402). The device with two CAN ports supports also the CiA 401 CANopen device profile for I/Os.

The manufacturer, certified according to ISO 9001 since 1997 is also a research laboratory authorized by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education.