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Driver monitoring software

Published 2013-04-23

Rietveld (Netherlands) offers the Easydrive driver monitoring software running on the C4D telematics black-box and the Dreevo4 in-car display by Mobile Devices (France). The system collects also data form the in-vehicle network by means of the CAN interface.

THE DRIVER MONITORING SYSTEM is an add-on for the Easytrack fleet management system. It also can be used independently. It was presented in Transport 2013 exhibition in Herning (Denmark). Via the CAN interface the systems receives vehicle data processed in the software and displays it to the driver. Driving efficiency is the main purpose of the fleet management system, e.g. optimizing the vehicle routing, in order to reduce fuel consumption. The driver monitoring can improve this additionally by means of analyzing the driving style and providing hints to save fuel and to reduce CO2 emission.
The driving style analysis is based on six types of data coming via CAN: Idle time, speed, rotation per minute, use of cruise control, braking, and acceleration. The implemented algorithms calculate the quality of driving. The driver can see the result on his screen split between six areas of concern: idling, speeding, over-revving, under-use of the cruise control, harsh braking, and aggressive acceleration.
“The first 80 % of fuel costs saving is generated by driver awareness” stated Pleun Rietveld, “but the key difference here with an eco-driving course is that progress is continuously measurable.”
The driver receives a sound and popup alert, if one of the criteria drops below the 8 or 6 out of 10 mark, and he can then switch to the driver monitoring screen in one click. The manager only sees a log of the alerts the next day, but the report includes over-speed, over-revving, idle time, use of cruise control in percent, number of harsh braking, and harsh acceleration incidents, as well as total fuel used. Rietveld summarized: “Easytrack takes the stress out of fleet administration and fleet management by bringing together all the cost centers’ management tools a fleet owner needs.”