ADAS: Capturing and analyzing synchronous data

[2017-01-18] Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have a long history of collecting vehicle CAN data. Engineering analysis of the single data set is limited, creating opportunities for software that can perform the post-analysis automatically.

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CAN shields

For Arduino and Redboard

[2018-01-22] Tronixlabs (Australia) offers several CAN shields based on Microchip’s MCP2515 stand-alone controller and MCP2551 transceiver. The can also be used with SK Pang’s Redboards.

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Surface mount devices

In-vehicle network protection diodes for CAN

[2018-01-18] Nexperia, the former Standard Products division of NXP, announced in-vehicle network protection diodes. Compared to former products, they offer higher surge current, greater ESD robustness, and an improvement in ESD clamping performance.

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Measures up to 360°

[2018-01-18] The N5 tilt sensor by Elobau (Germany) comes with a CAN interface supporting CANopen and J1939.

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DC/DC converter

Suitable for CAN interfaces

[2018-01-17] Recom offers the R1SX series of automated 1-W DC/DC converters. It features 1-kVDC or 3-kVDC galvanic isolation suitable for communication protocols such as CAN.

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Warwick Control

CAN maintenance kit

Viewing the three main layers

[2018-01-17] Warwick Control provides the 3-in-1 CAN maintenance kit. The concept of the kit is to allow engineers to view the CAN network on the three main layers (physical layer, data link layer, and application layer).

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Cannon Automata

32-bit PLC

Programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages

[2018-01-17] The K1 controller by Cannon Automata comes with an Arm Cortex-A9-based 32-bit CPU. It is suitable for universal PLC applications as well as for applications with demands on processing power and communication capability.

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Embedded World 2018

Trace modules for access device

[2018-01-16] PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme presents two trace modules for its Universal Access Device 2next (UAD2next) at the fair. It is an access device for on-chip debugging and trace of multicore micro-controllers in embedded systems.

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Absolute encoder

With CANopen for industrial automation

[2018-01-16] Elap (Italy) offers the MEM-Bus series of single- and multi-turn encoders designed for operating machine applications in several industrial fields. They are based on the CANopen specification.

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Sea-level simulator

CANopen inverter drives the 1,7-m impellors

[2018-01-12] ABB has equipped the circular wave and tidal current test facility located at the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings campus. This includes CANopen-connectable inverters.

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Data logging software

Supports TEDS

[2018-01-12] With Ipemotion 2017 R3, Ipetronik offers an updated version of its measurement data logging software. It now includes a plug-in interface for analysis operations and extensions in protocol and traffic measurement on in-vehicle networks.

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Goepel Electronics

ISP software

For flashing ECUs via CAN

[2018-01-12] The Flash-IP solution by Goepel (Germany) allows programming electronic control units via CAN. Typical applications include flash programming during development, at end-of-line and in repair stations.

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Current clamp meter

Measures up to 30 A

[2018-01-11] Canway (Germany) manufactures the CW-401 meter, which provides a CAN interface.

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Modular gateway

With four CAN FD ports

[2018-01-10] The Cannect gateway by Canway (Germany) is a modular device with multiple Classical CAN and LIN interfaces. An extension module features CAN FD connectivity.

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CES 2018

Aptiv and Lyft provide AMoD services in Las Vegas

[2018-01-09] During CES 2018, automated driving cars provide customers rides through the city to different locations. The BMW cars are equipped with additional electronics by Aptiv to drive by themselves.

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Drive controller

Wall-mountable and IP66-rated

[2018-01-09] Kostal (Germany) provides the Vertimo series of drive controllers equipped by default with CANopen and Modbus interfaces. There are four sizes manufactured.

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Texas Instruments

5-Mbit/s CAN FD chip

Stand-alone controller with on-chip transceiver

[2018-01-09] Texas Instruments (TI) has launched the TCAN 4550 stand-alone CAN FD protocol controller. On-chip is also a 5-Mbit/s qualified transceiver.

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CES 2018

Chipsets for DSRC-based communication

[2018-01-05] Autotalks (Israel) and ST Microelectronics (France) present jointly at CES the Craton2 chipset respectively the Telemaco3 single-chip MCU. CAN FD is one of the interface options for the in-vehicle networks.

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Magnetic guide sensor

Suitable for line following robots

[2018-01-05] Roboteq (USA) has introduced a sensor capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis. The CAN-interface is avialble at the M12 connector.

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CAN in Automation

CES 2018 in Las Vegas

The show goes on: Autonomous driving and security

[2018-01-04] The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) starts January 9 and ends January 12. CAN technology is mainly invisible, it is doing its job on the backstage.

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Texas Instruments

SoC platform

Image signal processor with CAN FD support

[2018-01-04] Texas Instruments (TI) has released the DRA76 and TDA2P system-on-chips (SoC). They are designed for automotive applications.

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Second Hyperloop Pod competition

The winner was again the Warr Hyperloop team

[2018-01-04] The winner of the second Hyperloop Pod Competition was gain the German team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Three CAN-networked devices controlled the winning pod.

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