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December 2018: Engineering

  • Reverse engineering of CAN communication
  • Implementing J1939 in vehicle design
  • Optimizing CAN bit configuration for robustness
  • CANopen and the Internet-of-Things

CAN-related seminars

Here you can find an overview of upcoming CAN-related seminars, trainings, and workshops.

Those events cover all topics regarding Classical CAN and CAN FD including CANopen, CANopen FD, J1939, CANopen safety, and more. This list does not claim to be complete.

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CAN-related books

Since CAN’s introduction in February 1986 by Robert Bosch more than 20 books about CAN and CAN-based higher-layer protocols (HLPs) were published.

The following overview comprises all available books. They are written in different languages.

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