Arduino shields provide CAN FD connectivity

[2017-02-20] The ATA6563 click is a tiny module, which connects an Arduino Uno to CAN FD networks. The MCP2517FD click provides not just the CAN FD transceiver but also an external CAN FD controller.

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Embedded World 2018

CANopen support for IoT starter kit

[2018-02-23] SYS TEC Electronic (Germany) has ported its CANopen stack on Avnet Silica´s Visible Things IoT Industrial kit, which represents a ready‐to‐use and integrated IoT platform.

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Development board

CAN transceiver supports sleep-mode

[2018-02-22] Tindie (Czech Republic) offers the CAN32 board. It features the ESP32 processor with on-chip CAN module and the SN65HVD230DR transceiver by Texas Instruments.

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Wireless charger

The API supports CAN connectivity

[2018-02-21] NXP has launched a 15-W wireless charging solution compatible with WPC Qi and PMA specifications. The product is designed for automotive applications.

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EFA Industries

Voice control system

Embedded speech recognition

[2018-02-21] EFA Industries (France) has developed the Embedded Voice Assistant System (EVAS), which provides CAN connectivity. It supports multiple speakers and languages.

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Dahua Technology

Door controller

Cascades up to 16 slave controllers via CAN

[2018-02-21] Dahua Technology (China) has introduced the ASC2204C-H door access controller, which provides a CAN interface to connect slave controllers.

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Analog Devices

Arduino shield

With galvanic-isolated CAN transceiver

[2018-02-20] Analog Devices offers an Arduino shield with its galvanic isolated CAN transceiver and the MCP2115 stand-alone controller by Microchip.

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Servo drives

Singe-cable connection

[2018-02-20] Kollmorgen has introduced the S700 servo controller providing optionally a CANopen interface. The output current ranges from 1,5 A to 72 A.

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Servo drive

For mobile robotics applications

[2018-02-20] Servosila manufactures servo drives providing CAN connectivity. The protocol software complies with CANopen, but not with CiA 402.

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Embedded World 2018

Evaluation board with CAN FD transceiver

[2018-02-19] Microchip offers development boards for its ARM-based MCUs featuring CAN FD connectivity. The products are equipped with the company’s CAN transceivers qualified for 5 Mbit/s.

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Touch encoder

Replaces switches, push buttons, and keypads

[2018-02-19] Grayhill has developed The TE touch encoder with 32 positions. The J1939-connectable HMI device provides Bluetooth connectivity to communicate to iPads.

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CAN keypads

For drilling rig

[2018-02-15] The cabin of the F2800 drilling rig from IHC Iqip contains CAN keypads from Miunske. Four CAN keypads have been installed, two of which have 12 buttons each and the other two 6 buttons each.

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Round Solutions

Embedded World 2018

Hardware platform with CAN interface

[2018-02-15] Pingpong by Round Solutions is an embedded IoT/M2M hardware platform made for software developers. The platform supports extension boards that add unlimited capabilities.

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Embedded World 2018

Measurement and calibration tool

[2018-02-15] CANape version 16.0 by Vector enables the measurement and calibration of ECUs and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors.

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Embedded World 2018

Development board with CAN ports

[2018-02-13] Emtrion (Germany) offers the Emcon-RZ/G1H board suitable for multi-media developments. It is powered by a multi-core Cortex by Renesas.

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Slip rings

For extreme environments

[2018-02-13] Servotecnica (Italy) has designed the SVTS G series for use in extreme environments. The slip rings come in a 130-mm size, are water-resistant, and explosion-proof pursuant to Atex Directive 2017/34/EU.

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Embedded World 2018

Six CAN-related products to be presented

[2018-02-13] Peak-System, manufacturer of hardware and software for CAN, CAN FD, and LIN applications, presents six upcoming products at the Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Embedded World 2018

Updated version of the CANopen design tool

[2018-02-12] Port has announced the availability of version 2.3.18 of its CANopen Design Tool (CDT) for Windows and Linux. The updated version includes MCU/CPU support.

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Torque transducer

Measures over the rated temperature range

[2018-02-12] HBM (Germany) provides the T12HP digital torque transducer for dynamic measurements in test stands. The optionally CANopen-compatible transducer features unparalleled temperature stability and accuracy over the entire measurement range.

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SST Automation

Profibus DP slave

With CANopen NMT master and slave functionality

[2018-02-07] The CANopen gateway by SST Automation (USA) complies with the Profibus DP slave functionality as defined in IEC 61158 (EN 50170).

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Secures CAN without cryptography

[2018-02-06] NXP has announced a CAN transceiver family which provides several cyber security features. It complements crypto-based security solutions with an additional layer in a Defense-in-Depth (DiD) concept, or as a stand-alone option.

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CAN project management

Software runs embedded on the tool

[2018-02-06] The announced Logoversion software runs directly on the CANtouch tool by Gemac. It can create, delete, and name CAN projects.

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CAN splitter

Supports J1939 and CANopen

[2018-02-06] Trombetta offers so-called CAN splitters, which allow connecting multiple devices to a J1939 or CANopen network. The product is IP67-rated.

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Linear drive family

Dedicated for mobile machines

[2018-02-06] Thomson Actuators has introduced the Electrak HD product range featuring J1939 connectivity. It can handle loads up to 16 kN.

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Collecting data from multiple sources

[2018-02-06] The device is designed to support on-the-move M2M/IoT applications seamlessly on satellite and GSM networks. It is robust and built to be used in mobile machinery.

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Navigation system with touchscreen

Suitable for larger cruising and sport-fishing vessels

[2018-02-06] Simrad Yachting (USA) has launched a touchscreen series offering a 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels resolution. The navigation system features NMEA 2000 (IEC 61162-3) and J1939 connectivity.

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Short-range radar

79-GHz sensor with optional CAN FD interface

[2018-02-06] The T-79 CMOS radar sensor by Ainstein (USA) implements radar signal processing algorithms. It enables a 360° detection, when multiple units are configured on the vehicle.

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Handheld Group

Rugged tablet

With CAN interface module

[2018-02-06] The Handheld Group (Sweden) offers for its Algiz 8X 8-inch rugged tablet a CAN expansion module accessory. It can be integrated into the in-vehicle networks.

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