Multi-core MCU dedicated for Asil-D applications

[2018-07-17] The S32S micro-controller by NXP features up to eight CAN FD interfaces. The 800-MHz MCU is intended for automotive safety ECUs.

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Beck IPC acquired

HMS still on shopping tour in Germany

[19.07.2018] HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden) has acquired Beck IPC (Germany). The German company offers the IPC@Chip family providing IIoT functionality and CAN connectivity.

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Janz Tec

IoT edge computers

Suitable for the SAP Cloud Platform

[19.07.2018] Janz Tec (Germany) has launched the emIOT-A/iMX6 and the emIOT-X edge computers. They are certified by SAP.

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Red Lion

Operator panel

The CAN interface supports Devicenet and J1939

[19.07.2018] The CR3000 panel family by Red Lion Controls (USA) is optionally equipped with a CAN interface. No external gateway is needed.

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Interface board

Classical CAN, CAN FD, or LIN

[18.07.2018] Kvaser has released the Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN. It is a dual-channel interface that allows automotive engineers to configure either channel as Classical CAN, CAN FD, or LIN.

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Barth Elektronik

PLC drives stepper motors

All parameters are communicated via CAN

[17.07.2018] The MC-800 stepper controller from Barth Elektronik (Germany) features directly connection to one bipolar stepper motor up to 2,8 A. It supports both, open and closed-loop operation modes.

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Plug-in card

CAN FD quadruplet released

[17.07.2018] Peak-System from Darmstadt (Germany) has expanded its CAN FD product line with the PCAN-M.2 Four Channel plug-in card. Thanks to the mounted expansion board on the main board, four CAN FD channels are available for computers.

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Product portfolio

CAN crisscross

[16.07.2018] For over 25 years, Add2 has provided solutions and services to automotive, aerospace, and process controls clients. Their portfolio includes a range of Classical CAN-related product families.

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Automotive test tool

With Classical CAN and CAN FD

[16.07.2018] The FRC-EP170 and the FRC-EP190 from HMS/Ixxat are universally usable hardware platforms for applications on the test bench or in the vehicle. Besides others, the devices provide Classical CAN and CAN FD interfaces.

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Advanced Motion Control

Software tool

Configures servo drives

[12.07.2018] Advanced Motion Controls announced the release of the Driveware 7.4.2 software for commissioning, troubleshooting, and integrating the company’s Digiflex Performance servo drives. CANopen (CiA 402) is supported.

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Weighing transmitter

DIN-rail mountable CANopen devices

[12.07.2018] Baykon (Turkey) manufactures the TX2 transmitter family coming with different communication interfaces including CANopen. The product features several weighing functions.

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Battery monitoring unit

Optionally with CAN connectivity

[12.07.2018] Enersys has launched the Wi-iQ3 data monitor. It provides a Bluetooth connection and an optional Classical CAN port.

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CiA / Fotolia

Cyber security

CiA establishes Interest Group

[11.07.2018] In the inaugural meeting of the Interest Group “CAN cyber security” from CiA (CAN in Automation), two Tasks Forces have been installed.

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Fanless box PC

For construction machines

[11.07.2018] The Rugged Computer Compact 8 by Syslogic complies with protection class IP67. I can be used in vehicles such as graders, wheel loaders, mining trucks, or dozers under extreme conditions. It features two Classical CAN interfaces.

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CAN data-logger

Used to develop a student racing car

[11.07.2018] Tongji Dian Racing from Tongji University performed well in last year’s Formula Student China ranking 4th. Kvaser’s CAN/CAN FD data-logger was part of it.

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With four Classical CAN interfaces

[10.07.2018] With µCros SL, Ipetronik (Germany) introduced a data-logger developed for fleet testing. The device is equipped with four Classical CAN measurement inputs and provides Wake-on-CAN function.

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Pressure and temperature sensors

Compliant with CANopen or J1939

[10.07.2018] Danfoss offers the DST P92C pressure and DST T92C temperature transducers. They are designed for mobile hydraulic applications.

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Demo board

With 2,8-inch display and CAN FD port

[05.07.2018] SK Pang has introduced a CAN FD demo board. It is based on Microchip’s MCP2517 stand-alone CAN FD controller.

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HIL simulation

CAN FD modules for Simulink

[05.07.2018] Speedgoat (Switzerland) has launched the IO611 and IO613 modules featuring CAN FD connectivity. The products are used in conjunction with the company’s HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) target computers.

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