Control panels are connected via CAN

[2018-08-16] Continental (Germany) has launched a workplace for bus drivers. The connected control panels are programmable.

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Charging system

Dedicated for Li-ion batteries in forklift trucks

[16.08.2018] Fronius (Austria) has developed for Linde and Still, two brands of the Kion Group, battery charging systems. They use an embedded CAN network.

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Frenzel + Berg

I/O module

Supporting CiA 301 and CiA 401

[16.08.2018] The Hipecs-CIO103 module from Frenzel + Berg (Germany) is a CANopen I/O system with eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs. The CAN network is isolated.

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Applied Motion Products

Stepper drives

Next generation supports CANopen

[16.08.2018] Applied Motion Products (U.S.A.) has introduced another series of stepper drives that support a range of industrial fieldbus network protocols including CANopen.

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Upgrade of monitoring and analyzing tool

[15.08.2018] Together with Peak-System, the Embedded Systems Academy (both Germany) has launched the Lite Version of their CANopen Magic monitoring and analyzing tool.

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CANopen bus-coupler

Suitable for 512 digital inputs and 512 digital outputs

[15.08.2018] Weintek (China) provides the iR-COP bus-coupler with a CANopen interface. Besides digital I/O lines, if features up to 64 analog input and up to 64 analog output channels.

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Autonomous driving

Vending vehicle with robot making coffee

[13.08.2018] The Chinese start-up company Pix has developed a self-driving vehicle that implements an embedded CAN network.

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Smarc 2.0 module

Featuring two CAN ports

[13.08.2018] Congatec (Germany) has announced the conga-SMX8, the company’s first Smarc 2.0 Computer-on-Module. It is suitable for IoT applications as well as for embedded control systems.

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Security development kit

Securing CAN frame authentication

[08.08.2018] The mass adoption of modern conveniences in automobiles, such as infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), has enhanced the experience of everyday travel.

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Hydronic water heater

Optionally controlled via CAN

[08.08.2018] The third generation of the water heater by Eberspaecher (Germany) is suitable for different vehicles, from cars to heavy-duty trucks. provides even more efficient heating performance in a compact design.

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Electric moped

Rental program in New York

[08.08.2018] Electric scooter share programs are on hype in U.S. cities. In Brooklyn, New York, Revel Transit offers 68 e-mopeds by Tarrot (Spain) with a CAN diagnostic interface.

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Pressure scanner

Eight-channel transducer with CAN interface

[08.08.2018] The Ecoscann P-Series by PMC (U.S.A.) has been designed with physical size, weight, accuracy, and functionality in mind and is available in a variety of configurations for eight pressure channels.

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Electric zero-emission truck

Control network is based on J1939

[08.08.2018] Many of the ancillary systems that are traditionally driven by the engine were also electrified, including the air compressor, power steering and HVAC system. The controls were integrated into the vehicle’s J1939 network.

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Wika Mobile Control

Safety controller and sensors

50-years anniversary of overload protection

[08.08.2018] Wika Mobile Control, a recent acquisition, has a 50 years history in developing overload protection systems. Some of the provided products feature CANopen connectivity.

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32-bit system-on-chip

Implements optionally a CAN module

[08.08.2018] ESP32 by Espressif (China) is a series of low-cost, low-power SoC s with integrated Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth interfaces. Some versions provide CAN connectivity.

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Mobil Elektronik

Rear-axle control

Safety steering unit linked to CAN

[07.08.2018] Mobil Elektronik (Germany) shows at IAA 2018 its power hydraulic pack. It is suitable for rear-axle control.

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Fleet management system

Awarded by Frost and Sullivan

[07.08.2018] The price-winning system by Cango Technologies (Romania) is based the FMS 3.0 interface, which gives access to the truck’s CAN in-vehicle networks.

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Rear-axle steering

Increased maneuverability

[06.08.2018] On the IAA 2018 Commercial Vehicle tradeshow, Bosch will present its eRAS electric rear-axle steering system. It is designed for commercial vehicles.

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Veethree Instruments

3,5-inch display

The housing is IP66- and IP67-rated

[06.08.2018] The Veecan 320 by Veethree Instruments provides CAN (J1939), USB, and EIA-232 connectivity.

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PSA partner program

Using true CAN data from PSA cars

[06.08.2018] The French carmaker has revealed the Free2move program, which includes the Peugeot i-Cockpit, an app displaying also some CAN data.

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Super B

Li-ion battery

Featuring CANopen connectivity

[02.08.2018] Super B (Netherlands) has developed batteries coming with a CANopen interface. They are designed to replace 250-Ah to 320-Ah lead-acid batteries.

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ESD diode

Coming in SOT-23 package

[02.08.2018] The PAM23CAN diodes by Protek are designed to protect CAN-connectable ECUs. This includes ESD and EFT strikes.

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Telematics gateway

Observing vehicle data remotely

[02.08.2018] Scale and Control Inc. (SCI) offers a telematics gateway and a database for fleet management purposes. The gateway is equipped with a CAN interface.

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Automotive test bench

Configuration tool runs on tablets and smartphones

[02.08.2018] HMS (Sweden) has introduced version 5 of its Ixxat ACT configuration software. It is intended for the company’s FRC-EP 170 and 190 hardware platforms.

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Speed and length sensor

Replaces tachometers and wheel encoders

[02.08.2018] Proton Products (UK) has launched the Intelisens series of non-contact laser Doppler speed and length sensor. It features a CAN interface to connect displays.

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Remote control unit

Danfoss acquired Ikusi

[02.08.2018] The Danish company bought the Spanish specialist for remote control units. Some of Ikusi’s products are CAN connectable.

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