Look up products by product category

The products in the CANopen Product Guide are listed in categories with sub-categories. Please browse through the list below to find where to look for a specific product or click on the menu on the left hand side to get to the category of your choice.

Component This category includes implementations of CAN-related OSI (open system interconnect) lower-layer components such as cables, connectors, micro-controllers, CAN repeaters.
Generic device This category provides all kind of devices that are necessary to set up an entire network. This comprises actuators, controllers, HMIs, sensors, I/O modules, interface boards, gateways, starter kits, etc.
Application-specific device This category provides devices that are designed for specific application fields, such as lift control systems, commercial vehicles or rail vehicles.
Generic software This category provides embedded software such as PLC kernels, protocol stacks, or driver programs.
Generic CAN tool This category includes appliances for system design and maintenance such as CAN analyzers, configuration and diagnostic tools, dataloggers, EDS editors, starter kits, etc.
Specific tool This category provides hardware and software tools for specific usage in a CANopen network (e.g debugger, micro-controller programming environments, or PLC programming environments).
Service This category provides CAN-related services such as consulting, hardware- and software development, conformance testing, education and training.
Literature This category provides CAN-related books, conference proceedings or further publications.