ASi-3 safety gateway with six safe outputs and Safe Link for CANopen

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Bihl+Wiedemann provides ASi safety gateways with enhanced diagnostic capability. The BWU2804 ASi single-master gateway features ASi-to-CANopen gateway functionality and power supply for two ASi networks. It enables a connection from AS-Interface devices to CANopen, which allows a communication of up to 31 safe or 248 standard I/Os, or a combination thereof.

The gateway offers flexibility when using the local I/Os built in the integrated safety monitor. 12 terminals on the integrated safety monitor are configurable as inputs or as outputs, e.g. as six safe outputs plus three safe two-channel inputs, as six safe two-channel inputs, or as standard I/Os. Any combinations thereof are also possible.

By means of Safe Link via Ethernet diagnostic interface, safe data can be communicated between different parts of the system. Thus, the gateway can be used in large, distributed systems. Due to gateway’s internal 24-VDC power supply, it can also be used in compact systems. Deploying the gateway, no additional ASi power supply is required. Configuration data can be stored on the chip card within the gateway. Expanded diagnostic functions such as duplicate address detection, earth fault detection, and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) monitor are already integrated in the device.

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