Bus coupler BK51x0 I/O modules

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The BK51x0 CANopen bus coupler family connects the modular and flexible Beckhoff bus terminal system to a CANopen network. The bus couplers supply up to 255 electronic terminal blocks for any type of signal. Different voltage groups can be set up to fully replace the mechanical terminal blocks.

The system ensures that control cabinets and terminal boxes are constructed more economically. Using the four-wire terminating system, all of the usual sensors and actuators with different signal types can be connected directly without other connection systems. This significantly reduces costs involved in controller design and saves space, material, work and hence money. There are several different types of CANopen bus couplers available, ranging from low cost and economy versions with reduced signal numbers to the standard coupler with full functionality. A fully IEC 61131 programmable version (BC51x0) for data pre-processing and local controls is also available.

Features include

  • Interfaces for up to 255 terminal blocks with up to 1 024 I/O points per adapter to a CANopen network
  • About 400 different terminal blocks available, including serial interfaces and various incremental encoder and thermocouple interfaces
  • Full CANopen functionality with variable mapping, all PDO transmission types supported, boot-up message and comprehensive diagnosis via Emergency message
  • Auto bit-rate detection mode available for 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1 000 kbit/s
  • Parameters can be stored in non volatile memory.
  • Smart PDO triggering through delta functions and limit value settings for analog inputs
  • Flash upgradeable firmware gives easy access to new features.
  • DE-9 connector as bus interface in the BK5151