MCS fieldbus coupler for CANopen

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The fieldbus coupler connects the Wago I/O system as a CANopen NMT (network management) server to the CANopen network. The coupler detects all connected I/O modules and creates a local process image divided into two data zones (data received and data to be sent). The process data can be sent via CANopen to a control system for further processing. The process output data is sent via CANopen from the system controller to the coupler. The data of the analog modules is mapped into the PDOs (process data objects) according to the order in which the modules are connected to the coupler. The bits from the digital modules are sent byte-by-byte and are also mapped in the PDOs. If the amount of digital I/O information exceeds eight bits, the coupler automatically starts with a new byte. All entries of the CANopen object dictionary can be mapped as required in the available 32 RPDOs (receive PDOs) and 32 TPDOs (transmit PDOs). The complete input and output process image can be transmitted using SDOs (service data objects).


  • Number of fieldbus nodes on system controller: max. 110
  • Bit-rate: up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Bus segment length: max. 1000 m
  • Number of I/O modules per node: max. 64
  • Variable PDO mapping
  • Emergency message support
  • Life guarding (controller monitoring) support
  • Number of PDOs: up to 32 TPDOs, up to 32 RPDO
  • Number of SDOs: 2 SDO servers
  • Node-ID distribution: DIP switch
  • Communication profile: CiA 301 v. 4.1
  • CANopen device profile: CiA 401 v. 2.0
  • Limit value monitoring
  • Configurable response in the event of an error
  • Input and output (fieldbus) process image: max. 512 byte/ 512 byte
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC

Physical data

  • Size: 50,5 mm x 100 mm x 71,1 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 184 g
  • Mounting type: DIN-35 rail
  • Operation environment temperature: 0 °C to +55 °C
  • Protection type: IP20

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