cSCALE S-Series trueSafety - Controls

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The cSCALE S-Series trueSafety controls are designed for operations under rough environmental conditions. They are built into extremely robust housings and are highly protected against shock, vibration, dust and water. Due to its modular structure, a cSCALE S-Series trueSafety controller is a control solution that can grow with its challenges. Certified components ensure a maximum level of safety and reliability.

Tailored control solutions for mobile machinery:

  • Individually tailored control solutions based on scalable architecture
  • Support of central or distributed control architectures for mobile automation
  • Flexibility in application programming, CoDeSys 2.3 and C++
  • Flexible selection of communication interfaces: up to 6 independent CAN interfaces

Optimum safety with high availability:

The cSCALE S-Series trueSafety controls contain a unique combination of a high-performance functional CPU and a certified safety CPU.

  • Certified SIL 2 / PL d Cat.2 controller according to IEC 62061 and EN 13849 and corresponding to the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • TÜV certified in conformity with EN ISO 13849 PL d and IEC 62061 SIL 2
  • Complete control solutions according to EN 13849 / EN 13000
  • High-performance application CPU
  • Arithmetic floating point and trigonometric functions
  • Support of redundant system architectures


  • CANopen Safety, CANopen, J1939 interfaces, Ethernet, USB
  • SIL 2 / PL d certification
  • Up to 300 I/O in 1 control unit combined with modular I/O configuration
  • Intelligent I/O with a high degree of diagnostic functions
  • cSCALE controls incorporate powerful auto-diagnostic and monitoring functions that are designed to recognize errors or faults promptly
  • PWM outputs to directly driven hydraulic proportional valves
  • Special I/O like NAMUR, current output 0...100 mA for special piston pumps
  • Extended protection rating IP66/67 and IP20
  • Programmable with CoDeSys 2.3 or C++
  • 32-bit/500 MHz CPU

cSCALE S-Series trueSafety in safety systems for mobile applications:

As an experienced specialist, WIKA Mobile Control has spent many years providing reliable safety solutions for lifting loads, setting innovative standards in the process and ensuring dependable communication between machines and their operators, particularly in harsh environments. By developing application software, mobile controllers and robust sensors, WIKA Mobile Control ensures that customers benefit from maximum safety and equipment uptime.