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Ready-to-install bus nodes for all industry protocols

Ready-to-install UNIGATE IC bus nodes from Deutschmann Automation relieve automation manufacturers from having to develop interfaces and thereby help them offer products for various protocols with little one-time development effort. The all-in-one bus nodes in a 32 DIL housing have been designed for embedded solutions for direct integration into terminal devices. The modules comprise a microcontroller, flash, RAM, and a bus controller. They handle the complete communication on the bus side, thus reducing the workload of the application's microprocessor.

UNIGATE ICs are connected to the host processor via a UART interface. Thanks to the identical hardware and software interfaces and functionality of all UNIGATE IC devices, manufacturers can offer various protocol options to their customers. They only need to integrate an adaptation board with a socket for the bus modules or implement a socket directly on the device PCB. Then they can insert the UNIGATE IC model for any customer’s choice communication protocol.

Advantage Deutschmann - Ready-to-install

  • 70 - 80 % reduced development effort
  • Time-to-Market gain
  • Assembly consists of standard components
  • Connection to the host processor via UART interface
  • Expandable via the synchronous serial interface e.g. for
    • ‚Stand-alone‘-mode (without processor applications)
    • Shift-register connection (e.g. LED activation, read-in of switch positions)
    • Analog/digital converter (e. g. analog sensor, 4 - 20 mA current loop)
  • Easy integration into your electronics
  • Adaptation of the terminal device firmware is dropped
  • All active components are included besides IC PN2Port
  • ntegrated isolation to FB interface
  • Coverage of the major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocols with just one development

Technical data

  • Complete CANopen NMT Slave
  • Supports CANopen application layer CiA 301 V. 4.02
  • Max. 255 bytes input data and 255 bytes output data
  • Supports all relevant bit-rates
  • UART-interface with up to 625 kbit/s
  • Dimensions: 25 mm x 20 mm (W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 9 g
  • Voltage supply: +5 VDC
  • Current consumption: typ. 150 mA
  • Operational temperature: -40 °C up to +85 °C
  • Fieldbus (CANopen) functions: All specified NMT slave functions
  • Fieldbus bit-rates: up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Technology: ASIC
  • Certificates: CE, EMC