Servo drives new generation, TrioDrive D/CS and MidiDrive D/CS servo drives

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ESR Pollmeier offers AC servo drive packages with brushless motors and full digital servo drives.

Features of the servo drives

  • Compact drives for control cabinet installation
  • For direct connection to 230 VAC or 3 × 400/480 V three-phase mains
  • High dynamics and control quality through signal processor for digital control of current and speed (controller cycle time 62,5 µs)
  • Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing of the servo motor by momentary current increase to up to three times the rated current
  • Position control loop integrated (micro-controller cycle time 1 ms)
  • Technology functions (positioning control etc.) integrated
  • Various operating modes, including interpolated position mode
  • On request with integrated positioning control with 500 program command blocks
  • Easy wiring
  • Switching frequency 8 kHz or 16 kHz selectable for optimum dynamic characteristics and small motor power loss
  • Comfortable installation using a personal computer with the SPP Windows software
  • Access to drive parameters via drive server (OPC)
  • CiA 402 also available for other interfaces, e. g. EtherCAT, Profinet, Modbus, USB, and serial interface

Features of the servo motors

  • AC motors up to 16 kW/70 Nm
  • High dynamics
  • Wide speed control range
  • High power density through rotor with rare earth magnets
  • Maintenance-free, since brushless
  • Integrated resolver for sinusoidal commutation, optional sincos encoder or high-resolution incremental encoder
  • Speed of up to 15 000 r.p.m. possible
  • Easy connection of motor and position sensor using connectors or terminal boxes
  • Holding brake optional
  • Standard shaft end without groove, special version possible, e. g. with keyway
  • Special motors, e.g. short motors, hollow-shaft design available
  • Matching gear boxes
  • Short delivery period
  • Also available: direct drives (linear motors, torque motors)