R360 SmartController family (truck, off-highway, railway)

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R360 SmartController – for use as a gateway, CANopen master or intelligent I/O module

The R360 SmartController has been specially developed for use in vehicles and mobile machines. Due to its special mechanical and electrical design it meets the extreme requirements in this area of applications.
In small machines or applications where pre-processing of signals and data is required compact and very powerful controller modules are used. The SmartController R 360 provides these required features. Depending on the configuration it can fulfill the different requirements.

Therefore it can be used as a compact controller. The integrated CANopen interface enables a flexible and powerful extension of the system with further intelligent and standard I/O modules.

If the two CAN interfaces are used, a freely programmable CAN gateway for coupling different networks is available which supports all important bus protocols. This enables an easy exchange of SAE J1939 engine and CANopen data. Different transmission rates and the transparent or pre-processing exchange of data between networks are supported.

  • Mechanical resistance to extreme shock
  • High protection rating lP67 for outdoor use
  • Supply voltage 10 VDC to 32 VDC
  • 32-bit microcontroller for short cycle times
  • Load-dump resistance
  • CAN interfaces with layer 2 and CANopen protocol for program download or communication and SAE J1939 support
  • Serial EIA-232 (RS-232) interface for program download and communication
  • Free programming to IEC 61131-3 with the standardised languages function block diagram (FBD), ladder diagram (LD), instruction list (IL), sequential function chart (SFC), structured text (ST)
  • CE, e1 type approval, approval for railway applications (EN 50155)

SmartController R360, CR2530

  • 16 inputs (config. as digital, analog, frequency or resistor inputs)
  • 16 outputs (config. as digital, PWM output)

SmartController R360, CR2532

  • 32 inputs (config. as digital, analog, frequency or resistor inputs)
  • 32 outputs (config. as digital, PWM output)