Heavy Duty Position Sensors

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Off Highway vehicles have strong demands regarding extreme environmental conditions such as great temperature fluctuations, high humidity, high-pressure water or salty liquids. For a measurement of a rotation angle , length or tilt the following sensors are optimized for mobile usage.

Features of the Posital heavy duty encoder

•    compact industrial model 36.5 mm or 42 mm (stainless steel)
•    high shaft load up to 180 N or 300 N
•    high protection degree up to IP69K
•    Multi-Turn encoding based on Wiegand Sensor (Gear and Battery free)
•    Max. 4096 steps/revolution (12 bit), Max. revolution not limited (typical 15 bit)
•    code: binary
•          specified according CANopen Profile 406
•    also with J1939 protocol or CAN2.0 B passive
•    standard version with connector exit (optional cable exit)

Features of the Posital heavy duty inclinometer

•    Dual axis inclinometer
•    Angle measurement range up to +/- 80° (two axes) or 360° (one axis)
•    Resolution up to 0.01°, Accuracy up to 0.1°
•    Active linearization
•    specified according CANopen Profile 410
•    horizontal and vertical mounting
•    Rugged Aluminum Housing up to IP66/IP67/IP68/IP96K
•    Rugged Plastic Housing up to IP66/IP67/IP68

CE approval

Conformity with the standards regarding
EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4