Movitrac® LTE-B+ inverter

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Movitrac® LTE-B+ series frequency inverters are ideally suited for simple applications. They were designed and developed for speed control of asynchronous and line start synchronous motors and are used for implementing tasks in conveyor applications, such as small, modular conveyor belts, fans and pumps, in a very economical manner.

Movitrac® LTE-B+ inverters convince by their well adapted range of functions for simple applications. The compact design and user-friendly handling makes for fast and simple integration into numerous applications no matter whether using the IP20 variant in the control cabinet or IP66 in the field. At the same time, Movitrac® LTE-B+ meets the high quality requirements of SEW-Eurodrive as a matter of course.

Movitrac® LTE-B+ at a glance

  • Degrees of protection: IP20 / NEMA 1 (control cabinet) and IP66 / NEMA 4x housing for field installation
  • Nominal power: 0,37 to 11,0 kW in 3 sizes
  • 1-phase 115 V and 230 V
  • 3-phase 230 V and 400 V
  • Preconfigured for asynchronous AC motors,e.g. type DRN.. (IE3)
  • NEW: Control of synchronous motors type DR..J (IE4) (LSPM technology)
  • NEW: Light Vector Flux Control (LVFC) for asynchronous motors
  • Integrated keypad for easy operation
  • Integrated PI controller
  • Integrated energy-saving function
  • Extra low-noise up to 32 kHz (e.g. for manual work places)
  • Integrated connection for SBus, CANopen and Modbus
  • Connection to fieldbuses via DFx gateways
  • Software connection for data backup
  • Optional: external keypad
  • Approved in accordance with C-Tick, cUL, UL508, C22.2 no. 14

Movitrac® B+ units can be connected to a variety of voltage supply sources:

  • 1 x 115 VAC ±10 % / 0,37 kW to 1,1 kW
  • 3 x 200 VAC to 240 VAC ±10 % / 0,37 kW to 4 kW
  • 3 x 200 VAC to 240 VAC ±10 % / 1,5 kW to 4 kW
  • 3 x 380 VAC to 480 VAC ±10 % / 0,75 kW to 11 kW