CiA® 408: CANopen profile for hydraulic devices

The CiA 408 profile specifies the CANopen interface for hydraulic proportional valves, hydrostatic pumps and hydrostatic transmissions (e.g. drive, axis) and may also be applied to pneumatic devices. The current version is based on the network-independent proposal “VDMA profile fluid power technology. Proportional valves and hydrostatic transmissions, version 1.6.3” from VDMA (German association of machine builders). Thus, VDMA-compliant hydraulic devices using different networking technologies can be easily combined in one system. The specified application data is then exchanged via corresponding gateways. The device manufacturer may supply diverse markets with valves, pumps, pneumatics, etc. implementing the same electronic interface according to CiA 408 and simply varying the appropriate application software. Usage of standardized CANopen interfaces allows monitoring, inspection, and diagnostics of the networked devices using off-the-shelf tools.

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