CiA® 415: CANopen sensor profile for mobile machines

This application profile specifies the communication interface for sensors and a sensor controller of such road construction and earth moving machines as paver, compactor, grader, dozer, mill, heater and truck.

Profile-compliant sensors require a sensor controller (application master and CANopen manager) supporting self-configuration of the CANopen network. During the start-up, the sensor controller scans the entire network for available sensors. Then, the number of process data entries provided by each sensor is read and verified using a plausibility test. If the number is valid, each process data entry is read out. Then, the sensor controller creates the necessary TPDOs for each device and downloads them to the sensors via SDO. First the PDO mapping parameters are configured followed by the PDO communication parameters. The same procedure is repeated for the required process data whereby the RPDOs for each sensor are created. After this process, the sensor controller switches the involved devices to the NMT operational state and tests whether the established PDO connections are working correctly.

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