CiA® 423/430: CANopen application profiles for diesel engine control

The CANopen application profiles CiA 423 and CiA 430 specify the CANopen interfaces of functionalities that may be required for controlling the diesel engine and the accompanying auxiliary units for e.g. power train cooling or pre-heating.

The diesel engine control unit operates the diesel engine according to the commands received by the traction controller. The CANopen profile offers the possibility to control the diesel engine by means of a speed-, power-, or torque demand-value.

The diesel engine sensor unit provides the sensor values, which are required for a safe and correct engine operation. All measured analog values such as engine oil pressure, charge air temperature, coolant level, etc. are represented in the data format signed Integer 32. This offers the possibility to represent all analog values with the same SI-unit in the same resolution without further offset calculation. In addition the CANopen application profile defines virtual devices for transmission control, particle filter control, oil refill unit control as well as vehicle speed control. In addition the closely coupled auxiliary operating system (CiA 430) is defined, which enables the standardized control of the engine cooling equipment or the generator unit. Moreover the communication interfaces of these two systems to the consist network are described. This enables the diesel engine control unit to demand e.g. the required engine cooling in a standardized way. The auxiliary operating systems provides the following listed functionalities:

  • Auxiliary operating system controller
  • Power train cooling control unit
  • Coolant expansion tank unit
  • Power train cooling fan control unit
  • Engine pre-heating unit
  • Hydrostatic signal interface unit
  • Generator unit