CiA® 453: CANopen device profile power supply

The CANopen device profile for power supplies supports up to eight power outputs. It is suitable for programmable and non-programmable power supplies. The device manufacturer may implement up to eight instances (logical devices) of CiA 453 in one CANopen device, which would result in up to 64 power outputs implemented in one CANopen device. The profile pre-defines four TPDO and four RPDOs. The RPDOs contain the output 1 command and set values for voltage, current, and power. The TPDOs transmit the output 1 status and actual output 1 values (voltage, current, and power). If the device designer implements application-specific PDOs instead of the pre-defined, this is indicated in the device type object. Heartbeat is mandatory.

The profile specifies sophisticated failure reporting functions, which are optional. In addition, the profile provides enhanced output configuration capability including value sequences with jump and ramp functions.