CiA® 459 series: CANopen profile for on-board weighing devices

On-board weighing and overload protection is used for trucks, off-highway, or off-road vehicles. The CiA 459 series specifies the CANopen interface for such devices. It distinguishes three classes:

  • Class 1: Devices are capable of monitoring the loaded vehicle weight, might be capable of monitoring the loaded axle weight, and provide monitored weighing data.
  • Class 2: Devices are capable of performing non-LFT (legal-for-trade) transaction weighing and provide non-LFT transaction weighing data
  • Class 3: Devices are capable of being fully certified as LFT and of performing LFT transaction weighing. Class 3 devices might additionally support the capabilities provided by class 1 and class 2 devices. The LFT capable device must have at least one alibi component: either alibi memory or an alibi printer.

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