Embedded computing platform

Piano-playing robot

[29.05.2018] Congatec has introduced a virtualized embedded computing platform for PLC (programmable logic controller) and UI (user interface) hardware consolidation. It features a Classical CAN interface.

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Driving smooth with Classical CAN

[28.06.2018] HP Velotechnik (Germany) completely revised its Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec. It is the first vehicle to meet the new EU regulations for a multi-track vehicle with pedaling assistance up to 45 km/h.

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Measurement system

Used in Formular E racing

[2018-03-22] Isabellenhuette’s IVT-F shunt-based measurement system is used in race cars of the FIA Formular E. For the communication between the system and battery control unit, a CAN interface is used.

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CAN control panel

Two multi-purpose rotor loading wagons

[2018-03-21] Poettinger has added two models to its Combiline series of multi-purpose rotor loading wagons. The Torro 7010 and Torro 8010. Its control panels are connected to a CAN network.

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Military electronics

CAN is increasingly used in army, navy, and air force

[2018-03-14] Already since many years, Cots (commercial off-the-shelf) technologies are used in military equipment. CAN is one of them.

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Digital service

Trailer data to the cloud

[2018-03-08] Mercedes-Benz’ Uptime is an integral solution detecting driving-relevant repair and maintenance scope of hitched-up trailers. It collects trailer data available in the CAN-based in-vehicle networks.

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Drive controller

The invisible lift car door opener

[2018-01-31] The Swiss elevator manufacturer, Schindler, and Maxon Motor also located in Switzerland have developed jointly a CAN-connectable drive system that moves the car lift doors.

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Zub Controls

Theater and event locations

CAN on and behind the stage

[2018-01-25] Since many years, Zub Machine Control, a daughter company of Maxon, has supplied theater and stage control systems. In many cases, CANopen-connectable drives are integrated.

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Sea-level simulator

CANopen inverter drives the 1,7-m impellors

[2018-01-12] ABB has equipped the circular wave and tidal current test facility located at the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings campus. This includes CANopen-connectable inverters.

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CES 2018

Aptiv and Lyft provide AMoD services in Las Vegas

[2018-01-09] During CES 2018, automated driving cars provide customers rides through the city to different locations. The BMW cars are equipped with additional electronics by Aptiv to drive by themselves.

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Second Hyperloop Pod competition

The winner was again the Warr Hyperloop team

[2018-01-04] The winner of the second Hyperloop Pod Competition was gain the German team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Three CAN-networked devices controlled the winning pod.

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ESP software update

Malfunctioning can cause brake problems

[2017-12-14] Daimler recalls some G-class models. The ESP (electronic stability program) software needs to be updated.

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Charging on-the-go

Electrical rails on the road

[2017-12-11] Elways, and its project partner, Swedish construction company NCC, have built an electrified truck equipped with the necessary electronics and power pick-up arm to charge from a 200-m test track near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

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Functional tester

For automotive wireless chargers

[2017-12-08] Alfamation, provider of turnkey test and measurement solutions, has announced a further test system for manufacturing quality control of in-car wireless chargers.

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Underwater robot

Hunting down Canadian interceptor aircrafts in Lake Ontario

[2017-12-06] The Dedave underwater vehicle developed by researchers of Fraunhofer institutes uses embedded CAN networks. Recently, it was used to search for historic aircrafts.

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Electric municipal vehicle

Designed for speeds of up to 80 km/h

[2017-11-22] Baumueller has developed a drive system for electric vehicles. In a joint development it was applied to a vehicle, which can work as a sweeper, snowplow, or loader.

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CAN I/O modules

For agriculture machines

[2017-11-16] Claas Industrietechnik (CIT) uses the µCAN-Box family by Microcontrol. The products link digital and analog as well as DMS sensors to the host controller.

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Encoders and servos

Sun-tracking in heliostat system

[2017-11-15] The Beijing Badaling Solar Tower is a prototype 1-MW heliostat system using CANopen-connected drives and encoders in its sun-tracking mirrors.

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Self-driving cars

Renesas provides chips for Toyota

[2017-11-14] Toyota, Denso, and Renesas cooperate in developing electronics for autonomous driving. The chipmaker contributes with its R-Car system-on-chips (SoC) and its RH850 micro-controllers, which both feature CAN FD connectivity.

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Linde Material Handling

Lithium-ion technology

Entire warehouse equipped

[2017-11-10] Linde customers can now perform logistics tasks in the warehouse using lithium-ion technology. Battery, battery management function, and charger have been designed as a complete system and communicate with each other via CAN.

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Interlift 2017

Elevator controller installed in test tower

[2017-10-20] Intec and KLST have installed the MLC-8000 controller in the test tower in Rosswein (Germany). It integrates several car drive inverters.

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CAN data-logger

Used for machine demo

[2017-10-19] Sean Zhang, a field application engineer for Caterpillar Oil and Gas, used a Kvaser Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 dual-channel CAN interface and data-logger to record CAN data in a demonstration.

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With embedded CAN networks

[2017-10-05] Several manufacturers of turnstiles provide CAN interfaces for their products. Cmolo (China) is one of them using CAN in airport turnstiles.

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Parking assist system

Customizable 3D surround view

[2017-09-18] Renesas and Cogent Embedded cooperate in developing a parking system based on the R-Car V3M system-on-chip. The hardware platform features two CAN FD ports.

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Living geometry

Illustrates driving pleasure of the future

[2017-09-18] MKT has developed a kinetic sculpture using CANopen drives from Faulhaber for BMW’s 100th anniversary “Iconic Impulses” exhibition.

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Riding rollercoasters with CAN

[2017-09-12] For the “Arthur and the Invisibles” ride in Europa-Park Rust, inverters for e-motors by STW in combination with a control unit provide riding comfort. Both devices come with CAN.

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Fire-fighting truck

CAN-controlled platform

[2017-09-11] Rosenbauer (Austria) has combined a telescopic and articulating boom with articulating platform. It is controlled by an embedded CAN network.

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Building operation

Energy-monitoring platform with CANopen

[2017-09-06] Through optimized operation management, building energy consumption can be saved. For this purpose, Fraunhofer offers its Mondas energy-monitoring platform. It comes with CANopen.

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Eurobike 2017

CAN is set, but no higher-layer protocol is standardized

[2017-09-06] One of the technical trends on the Eurobike 2017 tradeshow was the introduction of CAN-based devices for pedelecs and e-bikes.

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Case study

Industrial plasma processes with CANopen

[2017-09-05] Plasma products from Relyon Plasma are equipped with a CANopen interface. This is realized with an HMS protocol stack. In combination with Anybus gateways for CANopen, they can be embedded into diffferent network environments.

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CAN-connected sensors

Tracking flight luggage since 1993

[2017-08-31] Sick has developed the Airport Luggage Identification System (Alis). The built-in barcode scanner is connected via CAN to the MCS800 host controller.

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Fraunhofer IISB

Shunt-based current measurement

Used in development platform

[2017-08-29] The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) has chosen the IVT-S shunt-based current sensor by Isabellenhuette for its foxBMS development platform.

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Elektra Elektronik and Stoercontroller (EES)

Deeply embedded

CAN as extension network for the WAP

[2017-08-24] Elektra Elektronik and Stoercontroller (EES) have developed the WAP (window annunciator panel). It is configurable by means of web-based tools.

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Cutting-edge brake

The next step to highly automated driving

[2017-08-16] Continental has combined its MK C1 electronic brake with the MK 100-based hydraulic brake extension (HBE). The units are connected via CAN or CAN FD.

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Medical simulator

Coughing with CAN

[2017-06-29] Niosh (USA) has developed a cough simulator to study how diseases like influenza can spread via airborne droplets. This simulator uses Kvaser’s CAN-based Leaf Light HS v2 interface.

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European Extremely Large Telescope

Operational in 2024

[2017-06-13] Recently, the first sod was turned for the E-ELT telescope in the Atacama desert in Chile. It will become the world’s largest optical telescope.

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Comes with an Isobus implement interface

[2017-06-13] Valtra, part of the Agco group, uses in its S3954-tractor patented armrests connected to the CAN-based network, which complies with ISO 11783 series, trademarked as Isobus.

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Sensor + Test 2017

CAN for London’s public transport

[2017-06-01] Together with its customer HJS Emission Technology, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) has implemented a solution for the remote condition monitoring of exhaust gas treatment systems for London public transport.

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Large Hadron Collider

Restart with an improved superconducting magnet

[2017-05-29] The world's largest and most powerful particle smasher Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has restarted circulating beams of protons. It uses a lot of CANopen networks to control the high-energy physical experiments.

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CAN ID module

Improving so called Smart Factory

[2017-05-23] The Han-Modular ID module from Harting (Germany) enables a so called Smart Factory process improvement. CANopen is part of it.

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Measuring technology

Magnetic rotary sensors in machine engineering

[2017-05-18] Magnetic processes are frequently used among the measuring technologies for non-contacting rotary sensing. Novotechnik provides CANopen sensors for a paper filling system.

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Toyota warded Infineon’s products

[2017-05-16] The German chipmaker was acknowledged by the Japanese automaker for delivering CAN transceivers of outstanding quality.

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Alma explores the universe

[2017-05-11] Servo motors from Lenze bring telescope into position. CAN-based devices are used in this manner.

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Hannover Messe 2017

Bionic robot arm with CAN

[2017-04-28] At the fair, Festo presents its Bioniccobot based on the human arm not only in terms of its anatomical construction. Seven absolute CAN encoders are used in the robot arm.

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LED matrix headlight

Designed for the Opel Insignia Grand Sport

[2017-04-27] At this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, Opel presented the LED matrix headlights. It was developed in cooperation with ZKW.

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Ethernet gateway

Monitoring embedded CAN networks in cranes

[2017-04-03] The Ethercan gateway by Kvaser (Sweden) enables CAN monitoring in container port cranes.

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Trailer fleet management

A bird’s eye view

[2017-03-29] VDO provides additional functions for its Fleetvisor software using Continental’s Trailerlinc hardware. This ECU features CAN connectivity.

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For all E-class models

Central powertrain controller and gateway

[2017-03-29] Continental equips all Mercedes E-class models with its EMS3 platform ECUs. The unit features five CAN interfaces, one Flexray channel, and two LIN ports.

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CAN Newsletter magazine

Amsterdam brewer’s drayman go electric

[2017-03-06] Eletric drives open up possibilities for future-focused ecological and economical vehicle concepts. Brewery trucks with Lenze’s Mobile inside reduce the carbon footprint.

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Fraunhofer IPA

CAN Newsletter magazine

Service robots: Still just an academic topic?

[2017-03-06] There are two articles in the 25th CiA anniversary issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine, which informs about service robots.

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Blink Marine

CAN Newsletter magazine

Back to the future

[2017-03-03] A developer uses the CAN relays module Keybox from Blink Marine to conduct a massive I/O extension in fully electric cars.

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Plasma surface treatment system

Works with a Cartesian bench-top robot

[2017-02-28] The Relyon PB3 system by Intertronics (UK) can be integrated into CANopen networks. The system is shown in the company’s technology center near Oxfort.

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Health-checking electric bus fleet

[2017-02-21] Kvaser’s CAN-based Memorator data loggers are used to health check Nobina’s electric bus fleet.

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Driver assistance system

Electronic co-driver for trams

[2017-02-13] Bosch released a system, which warns of collisions and even brakes independently. The company uses its CAN-connected radar and video sensors from the automotive sector in rail transport.

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MAN Truck

Driverless truck

Protecting road workers with CAN

[2017-02-02] MAN and its partners have developed a slow-moving driverless truck to protect the rear of mobile road works under the umbrella of the aFAS research project. The German government has sponsored it.

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Liu Gong

Reach stacker

Material handling machine

[2017-01-17] Liu Gong ’s 45-t reach stacker, CLG2450, rolled off the production line at Liu Gong International Industry Park in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China.

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Multi-copter – from toys to tools

[2017-01-12] Infineon provides a demo board for designing professional multi-copters. It comes with a CAN port to control a video camera.

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CES 2017

Bikes send data from CAN into the cloud

[2017-01-02] In Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Continental presents its eHorizon system for two-wheelers. It collects in the bike via CAN data and sends it to the cloud and back to other bikers.

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Snow groomer

Faster response times on snowy slopes

[2016-12-14] Prinoth sought a solution that could tackle extreme, snow-covered slopes and provide skiers with pristine conditions. The company uses an Eaton valve to give its snow groomers faster response times for its operators.

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F.lli Ferrari Corporation S.p.A.

CAN network embedded

Radio-controlled crane

[2016-11-23] F.lli Ferrari (Italy) has developed the 900 series of truck-mountable cranes. The cranes use embedded CAN networks.

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Glass edge-grinding machine

Chinese CANopen devices in Chinese design

[2016-11-17] CiA member Kinco developed with its customer a CANopen-based control system for a glass 4-edge grinding procedure. The used products are made by the Chinese supplier.

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Laser welding

CANopen used as embedded network

[2016-11-17] Branson has developed the Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) laser welding technology. The electronics comprise a controller, laser banks, a 6-inch display, and an embedded CANopen network.

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Truck platooning

Faster than human reaction time

[2016-11-11] At the Electronica tradeshow, DAF demonstrated truck platooning in the city of Munich. The trucks were equipped with NXP’s Bluebox featuring multi-core processors.

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Miunske / Duecker

Q&A with Duecker

Control unit for mowing machines

[2016-11-03] Duecker and Miunske have collaborated: Miunske developed a CAN control unit for Duecker’s mowing machines.

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CAN on Mars

[2016-10-20] After seven month, the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) of ESA's Exomars 2016 has reached the Red Planet. Contact with the mission’s test lander from the surface has not yet been confirmed.

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Control unit

CAN on ice

[2016-09-19] Since the invention of the refrigeration machine, it has been possible to pursue ice sports outside the cold season. The prerequisite is, of course, an optimally prepared ice surface, the creation, and maintenance of which is a science in itself.

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Robotic car

Micro car for mega cities

[2016-08-18] Researchers of the University of Bremen have developed a small robotic car that aims to help with congested traffic in cities. The car can drive diagonally and turn on the spot.

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CAN data-logger

Used to develop a student racing car

[11.07.2018] Tongji Dian Racing from Tongji University performed well in last year’s Formula Student China ranking 4th. Kvaser’s CAN/CAN FD data-logger was part of it.

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Frequency converter

Used in water-based refrigeration unit

[04.07.2018] The refrigeration unit eChiller from Efficient Energy integrates Sieb & Meyer’s SD2S drive amplifiers with Classical CAN and CANopen support. The chiller uses pure water as refrigerant and operates in a capacity range of 35 kW.

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