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Tractor control system goes Isobus

The Vicon Extra 690T mower conditioner combination by Kverneland (Denmark) is now available with Isobus control. By adding the Isobus feature it can be controlled directly by Isobus compatible tractors without the need for a separate terminal.

The Vicon Extra 690T Isobus (Photo: Kverneland)

THE MOWER COMES WITH A STEEL-TINE CONDITIONER, 9-m working width, and the BX Swath belt. Alternatively to Isobus, it can be operated by the Focus or Iso-Match Tellus terminals from the same company. All functions, such as raising or lowering the swath belt, belt speed, conversion for transport, side shift of the rear mowing units and lift on headlands are controlled from the joystick or control terminal. The hour counter helps tracking and documenting working hours and the PTO alarm is activated if the PTO speed is too high or too low.

The Vicon Extra 690T Isobus (Photo: Kverneland)

All main functions of the mower can be transferred to the company’s joystick. A screen integrated into the joystick keeps the tractor driver informed about the chosen operation. The control functions can be directly transferred to the joystick of the tractor if available. By using the joystick of the tractor both mower and tractor can be operated via the same lever. Constant switching between different controls is eliminated. In addition, the mower offers the Auto Headland control system. Through this, lifting and lowering of all mowing units on headlands can be activated by one click. The front mower unit is lifted or lowered when the button is touched and the rear sections are lifted or lowered with a predefined time or meter delay, ensuring that the tractor driver can keep full focus on turning on headlands.

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