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Isobus system

Grain tracking from the tractor cab

Digi-Star has added the GT 465 to their field-management product line. It is an Isobus-compatible grain tracker system that allows grain cart operators to utilize the virtual terminal in the tractor cab.

(Photo: Digi-Star)

THE SYSTEM DECREASES SO-CALLED CAB-CUTTER by utilizing the tractor’s Isobus terminal, so that no additional in-cab monitor is required. The company provides a display on the Isobus interface box on the grain cart, which can be mounted on the side of the cart for use by the combine operator or at the front of the cart for the efficient loading of trucks.

"The GT 465 gives producers all the functionality of the GT 460 with the added benefits of enhancing remote visibility and reducing cab clutter," said Digi-Star product manager Todd Long. “It also comes standard with Autolog 2, allowing operators to pre-set truck capacity and receive an alarm notification when nearing the target weight in addition to automatically starting and stopping the recording function each time the PTO is engaged.”

There are two mounting options for the product: It can be mounted on the side of the grain cart to provide remote visibility for the combine driver or it can be mounted to the front of the cart so the person in the tractor cab can view it while loading or unloading. Changing trucks or fields can be done through touching a button on the terminal and all data is captured by the system. The product is suitable as a tool for crop insurance reporting as it comes with grain tracker software for harvest data.

Digi-Star is a global supplier of electronic sensing equipment, precision sensors, displays and software used by farmers and other equipment operators to measure and analyze data from farming processes.

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