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Mounted sprayers with Isobus control

Lemken (Germany) has released Megaspray, which is an Isobus control for their Sirius series of mounted field sprayers.

Sirius 10 with Megaspray in the field (Photo: Lemken)

THE SIRIUS 10 MOUNTED FIELD SPRAYER, which has been on the market for two years, features a circulation line and electric single-nozzle valves to ensure precise, individually controllable application. The introduced Megaspray spraying computer now allows all nozzles to be individually controlled, and operating the sprayer has become more comfortable due to the Isobus control. Additionally plant-protection-products can be saved due to control of application rates, especially along field edges or where crops grow unevenly.

The core of the new Sirius control system is the so called job computer, which acts as the control center for all machine functions. The job computer communicates with the terminal and controls all application parameters such as single-nozzle valve operation, application rates and hydraulic functions. It also controls the electric four-way valve on the suction side, which makes switching between spraying, suction from an external tank, suction from the front tank and clean water as easy as pressing a button – no need for the operator to dismount.

Combined with the Eltec Pro electric single-nozzle control, the single-nozzle valves of the SEH booms can be operated individually or in up to 13 freely definable nozzle groups. The company’s latest automatic boom control, which is also available with the Megaspray system, keeps both boom sides independently parallel to the ground at the set height. Additionally the Megaspray computer reads the data from the “Tankpilot” electronic fill level indicator, which is displayed on both, the sprayer operating centre and the tractor terminal.

Sirius 10 with Megaspray in the field (Photo: Lemken)

The control system can be operated from any Isobus universal terminal such as the tractor terminal or CCI 200, using a standard Isobus interface. According to the company, the display layout of operating elements can be configured to ensure that farmers are able to access the most important parameters at a glance and take any action as needed, for example by switching off individual nozzles or adjusting the application rate.

The company says, the system is compatible with the so called section control functions on the universal terminal to minimize any overlap in applying plant-protection-products. A range of auxiliaries compatible with the Isobus Aux-N standard can also be used, for example width section or joystick boxes on the CCI or tractor joysticks. The field sprayer can also be integrated with farm documentation and job management systems. Data for specific width sections can, for example, be collected and corresponding jobs be created for the field sprayer.

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