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Mower combination uses Isobus

Fella (Germany) has launched its machine models SM 8312 TL-KCB with tine-rotor conditioner, SM 8312 TL-RCB with roller conditioner and SM 9314 TL-KCB with tine-rotor conditioner. They all come with an Isobus control system.

Isobus control system (Photo: Fella)

THE MACHINE MODELS COME WITH A WORKING WIDTH  of 8,30 m and 9,30 m, which allow large volumes of forage to be processed. According to the company, the centring springs on the mower units help that the mower is raised and set down parallel to the ground. That makes low impact on the users sward, and the raw ash content in the basic forage remains low. Also the trailed hitch attachment of the mowers enable to mow green forage with minimal impact on the ground, whilst also being economical with fuel, says the company.

With the Isobus equipment control system, the user has a view of the machine parameters on their tractor terminal at all times. They can control the individual functions touching the buttons. All mower functions, such as single lift, conveyor belt operation and slope function, can be operated using a control terminal, and can be programmed, if necessary, on the control lever or joystick. Switching between the working position and the transport position is automated. Sensors are used to monitor the rotational speed, which allow to anticipate – from the driver’s seat – the possible overloading of the power train. A computer-assisted automatic folding function with hydraulic transport lock allows changing the transport position, and protects the machine’s power train from damage.

For the mower combinations a particularly wide conveyor belt of 940 mm x 2,700 mm that can be used for processing larger volumes of forage and continuous running at higher working speeds, has been developed. Using the company’s Be Move hydraulic lateral movement and the conveyor belt‘s speed setting, the user can adjust the mower‘s swath width to the working conditions and the collecting machines following behind of the driver‘s seat. By combining the front-mounted mower and the rear units, it is possible to automate the work processes. Hour and hectare counters with integrated part-width shut-off can be used by agricultural contractors for the purposes of data exchange and monitoring, which can reduce the workload.

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