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Stress tester

Six in one go

MCD Elektronik (Germany) has developed an adjustment unit for its system testing switch modules. The PLC communicates optionally with other devices via CANopen.

The tester operates in a climate chamber; it can position up to six switches (Photo: MCD)

FOR THE PATTERN-ACCOMPANYING ENDURANCE TEST of switch modules for the electric parking brake, the German company has developed an adjustment. The frame fits all standard cabinets and can accommodate positioning of up to six switches. All materials of the test frame are made to withstand temperature ranges between -40 °C to +150 °C (surface temperature). Each of the specially shaped test sockets takes up one switch. The inclination of the switch can be adjustable in such range that the switches are always tested in the position, which they actually occupy in the vehicle.

The launched frame was a basic one designed to test two different switch types. For each type, a suitable test socket and the corresponding actuator units are delivered. Dynamic pressure surges and mounting forks cause the operating of a button and rocker. The switch can thus be stressed in different ways in continuous operation under changing climate conditions. Achmed Haddou explained: "One does not need to be a computer scientist in order to parameterize the adjustment. The drive commands, ramps and speeds can be defined in Labview, Hyper terminal, or C++.”

The system, which is optionally based on an embedded CANopen network, is used to support the tests already in the development phase. The molding post plates are tilted by 90 degree (°), thus facilitating the insertion of the test samples. In addition, an access method was created to contact the samples custom connectors. The actuator is also as simple exchangeable as the molding plate. Finely adjustable preload bolts provide defined forces of the integrated compression and extension springs.

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