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Loader wagon with Isobus controls

Vicon (Germany) has extended its range of loader wagons with the 14-t Rotex 400. Features include a V-Max intake rotor, Isobus controls, and a heavy-duty driveline.

Physically smaller, but with the same high-specification options (Photo: Vicon)

WITH A CAPACITY OF 40 m³ (14 t), THE LOADER wagon is designed for smaller, lower powered tractors. A transport height of 3,3 m makes it compact. While the Rotex 400 is physically smaller – it’s shorter and lower - than the higher capacity Rotex 450/550 models, it can be equipped with the same high-specification options. Moreover, two different superstructures are available to increase the DIN volume in 3 m³ steps up to a maximum of 29,5 m3 with the hydraulically operated dry fodder structure.

Physically smaller, but with the same high-specification options (Photo: Vicon)

The Twinmax intake system is a key feature of the loader wagons and, according to the company, this intake method has a maintenance-free design without cam tracks. It uses V-shaped pick-up tines on its 1,83 m pickup, which operate with a roller crop press to deliver a uniform flow of material across the full width of the chopping rotor. To ensure maximum throughput in all conditions, to minimize peak loads, and to reduce power requirements its 20 mm wide rotor tines are arranged in a V-pattern, ensuring the flow of crop. Additionally, the device is Isobus-compliant and can be plugged directly into an Isobus-compatible tractor without the need for a separate terminal.

Power is distributed throughout the loader wagon via a heavy-duty gearbox and driveline with a double wide-angle PTO and integral cam clutch - all capable of handling up to 1800 Nm of torque. This means more output, and better power transmission to the chopping rotor. The central drive to the chain and a slat floor conveyor provide a moving floor discharge system. Speeds can be controlled from the cab, up to a maximum of 12 m/min.

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