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Fleet Management

Organizing snow vehicle fleets

With the Fleet Manager, Power GIS (Austria) offers a solution for organizing and analyzing snow vehicle fleets. The system can process CAN signals.

(Photo: Arena)

THE ARENA FLEET MANAGEMENT IS A SOLUTION for the organization and analysis of snow vehicle fleets. It promises to save resources and to protect the environment. The vehicle operations and their tracks can be analyzed and optimized, which provides operating safety on a daily basis. All operating data of the vehicles are automatically recorded and sent to the Arena database. The Fleet Management offers functionalities such as operational planning and analysis, documentation and legal security in case of accidents, as well as monitoring and user profiles.

Operational data of the vehicles are recorded by the system and then sent to the company’s database via GMS. After every operation, data can be displayed and analyzed in the Arena WebGIS. Not only snow groomers, but also snow mobiles, cars, and construction machines can be equipped with the system. Two antennas for GPS and GSM data transmission are installed within the driver’s cabin, as well as a Fleet Management unit. CAN and analog signals can be processed.

Fleet manager communicator-battery (Photo: Arena)

Arena WebGIS is a web-based information system. Apart from visualization of all snow heights within the ski resort, slope borders, ropeway axes, snow spots, and many other factors are displayed. As far as visualization is concerned, the users can choose between orthophotos and a street map. Within WebGIS, operational data can be evaluated, based on the driving performance as well as the vehicle. Furthermore it offers tools for analyses of snow height data. It is a solution without any additional programs. It is suitable if a daily operations overview, a visualization of the groomers‘ lanes, a time line, or area statistics are needed.

The Austrian company’s target is to increase snow reliability and slope quality, while using fewer resources. They want to ensure skiing in times of climate change and protect the environment.

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