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Seed drill

Isobus control system

Kuhn’s (Germany) Espro seed drills have been developed with high output in mind: With a 6 m drill, it is possible to work at speeds of 13 k/h with just 149 kW, i.e. less than 26 kW per meter.

The Espro is a trailed pneumatic min-till seed drill (Photo: Kuhn)

THE ESPRO IS AN ISOBUS-COMPATIBLE MACHINE available with the CCI 200 (Isobus) or VT50 (“ISO Kuhn”) terminals. A joystick is available as an option to bring the main drill controls to the driver’s fingertips. Both control boxes feature an interface combining touch screen and soft keys.

The drill is equipped with a headland management mode whereby the working elements are lifted in sequence to allow drilling to continue right up to the field edge. The metering unit is stopped with the lifting of the front tools to ensure that all seed in the delivery hoses is placed in the soil before the seed elements are lifted. Once the turn is completed, the sequence is reversed.

The offset of the press wheels reduces the power requirement (Photo: Kuhn)

Front working discs, seeding depth, and coulter pressure are all set using clips on hydraulic cylinders - there is no need to climb in or over the machine to make adjustments. At the front of the seed drill, two rows of working discs open and mix the soil, and ensure that residue is well incorporated into the surface layers. The 460-mm disc diameter helps to create a fine tilth. The concave shape of the discs makes them perform even in heavy soil. Mounted in pairs to save weight and improve flow of soil and residue through the machine, the disc hubs are oil filled and sealed for life thereby eliminating the need for periodical greasing.

The seed drill employs a row of press wheels behind the working discs, each one of which consolidates soil ahead of two seeding elements. They are offset front to rear, which eliminates the bulldozing effect, thereby reducing the power requirement and making the drill easier to pull. The 900-mm diameter reduces the rolling resistance compared to smaller wheels, whilst a width of 215 mm leaves an 85-mm gap between the press wheels for soil and residue flow through the machine. The tires have a square profile, which ensures even consolidation across the width of the tire. The sharp, deep treads also crumble the soil to create a fine surface tilth.

The offset of the press wheels reduces the power requirement (Photo: Kuhn)

The seed drill features the Crossflex seed bar, which ensures consistent seeding depth in many conditions and working speeds. The seed bar has been exclusively designed for the Espro. It consists of a specially profiled tubular section with coulter arms mounted on polyurethane blocks. As the coulter deflects up and down to adapt to the soil surface, the blocks act like four little springs, but cannot slide across the surface of the tube. The coulter is therefore returned to its former position, every time resulting in precise seed depth placement across the field even at faster working speeds. The Crossflex is equipped with the same double disc coulters as on the Seedflex coulter bar.

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