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Mower combination

Control via tablet

Claas has announced a tractor-mounted mower combination with conditioner. The Disco 1100 with its Max Cut cutting bar has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m. The mower can be controlled via the company’s Easy on board App.

The mower has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m (Photo: Claas)

ONE OF THE KEY FEATURES OF THE MAX CUT cutter bar is its specially shaped mower bed, which is press-formed from a single piece of material. Its wave-like shape allows the cutting discs to be positioned further forward, thus providing even better cutting quality. The tunnel opening between the cutter bar skids, as well as their shape, improve the self-cleaning effect and thus ensure high forage quality. The screw fastening concept of the cutter bar combined with the continuous lubrication of the drive components simplifies maintenance and ensures both form stability and a long service life.

Besides the Disco 1100, the company will also be introducing nine new mowers for front and rear attachment with cutting widths between 2,60 and 3,40 m in 2016. This means that the mowing technology will also be available to smaller farm operations and the Max Cut cutter bar will be introduced in almost all Disco models. The Max Cut cutter bar is an in-house development from the company and is manufactured at the forage harvesting machinery plant in Bad Saulgau.

The mower has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m (Photo: Claas)

The Disco 1100 has a maximum working width of 10,70 m, but its transport height is less than 4 m and transport width less than 3 m due to its hydraulically extendable mower units. The inner and outer protective covers fold in automatically as necessary. The transport locking device is hydraulically locked and unlocked during the folding process. It is also possible to store the mower in the transport position. When developing the telescopic arms, Claas utilized the experience gained from the Claas Cougar self-propelled mower.

Control via Isobus function buttons

The Disco 1100 is available in the two models, C Business and RC Business, equipped with either a steel tine conditioner (C) or a roller conditioner (RC). In addition to hydraulically folding protective covers, the mower unit is also equipped with load-sensing comfort hydraulics, the Active Float comfort suspension control system, and hydraulic non-stop rear-collision protection.

The mower has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m (Photo: Claas)

The mower combination is fully Isobus-capable. Accordingly, all of the important functions (e.g. extending the mowing units) can be assigned to the Isobus function buttons of the tractor. The mower can be operated using any Isobus terminal. Alternatively, Claas also offers its customers the option of controlling the Disco 1100 using a tablet with the recently introduced Easy on board app. It is also possible to operate the mower without using the terminal by means of a hydraulic line and a single-acting control unit.

Easy-on-board app

Three years ago at the SIMA Innovation Awards in Paris, Claas received a gold medal for developing a software application for controlling implements using a commercially available tablet PC. At the time, it was still a project in development, but today it is a market-ready product, which can be used across machinery from different manufacturers.

The mower has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m (Photo: Claas)

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine daily life without tablets, whether at home or at work. The agricultural sector is also making increasing use of the flexibility of tablets. This is especially the case for contractors working across multiple farms. These devices provide access at any time and any place to important farm-specific data, applications and information such as customer data as well as land management, navigation, emailing, and weather forecasting functionality.

The company is expanding the versatility of these commercially available devices with a software application for controlling agricultural implements. The Easy-on-board app uses the integrated ISO Universal Terminal application (ISO UT) to map the Isobus system of the implement on the tablet, allowing it to be operated via touchscreen. In combination with the app, the tablet can thus become an alternative to the Isobus terminal of the implement. Due to the Isobus compatibility, the tablet solution can also be used with Isobus machines from other manufacturers. For convenient operation, the tablet can also be used to assign implement functions to the F-keys on the tractor operating lever. However, customers who prefer the conventional operating system with the implement terminal can still obtain the terminal.

The mower has a maximum cutting width of 10,70 m (Photo: Claas)

How it works

To use the app, both the implement and tractor must be Isobus-capable and connected by a standard Isobus cable. Communication between the implement and the tablet takes place over WLAN. For this purpose, the WLAN adapter (CWI - Claas Wireless Interface) is connected to the in-cab Isobus socket of the tractor, which also supplies power to the WLAN adapter.

The package of the Easy-on-board app includes the WLAN adapter and a universal bracket for the tablet. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. Users can carry out software updates themselves. Initially, the app will be available for Apple tablets with the operating system iOS8 or later. In 2016, Claas will provide the app for operating the Rollant 455, 454, and 375 Uniwrap baler models, the Cargos 8000 and 9000 dual-purpose wagon model series, the Liner 3600 and 4000 swathers as well as the Disco 1100, 9400 C DUO, 9200 C Business, and 9200 C AS disc mowers.

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