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Smart shuttle solutions

Incubed IT (Austria) delivers software solutions for mobile vehicles that can be used for transport and picking activities. Their Smart Shuttles series are able to move independently and freely across a surface.

The company’s Smart Container Shuttle (Photo: Incubed IT)

THE SHUTTLES ARE ABLE TO NAVIGATE autonomously and react independently on changing warehouse layouts – without any additional lines for guidance. The software reacts automatically on changing workloads and only uses the resources that are needed. Thus, such a Smart Shuttle is a complex electro-mechanical device, involving several individual components and modules which need to interact. The main components of a shuttle comprise: a smart navigation core, actuators (motor-controller (MC), load-handling device, programmable logic controller (PLC), safety devices) as well as sensors (laser scanner, inertial measurement unit, odometry, buttons).

Smart Shuttles and CAN (Photo: Incubed IT)

The above listed components are connected mainly via the Controller Area Network as the central bus system. The company uses CAN in mobile shuttles in order to create a link between high-level and low-level components. Low-level components such as the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the battery management system (BMS) communicate with the Incubed IT core via CAN. Cell voltage, current flow, and other statuses can be read in this way. It thus serves as an important interface and plays an essential role in the communication of components in the shuttles. CAN assures communication between different nodes and therefore contributes to the smooth performance of the smart shuttles.

The Smart Container Shuttle, for example, provides flexibility for the user’s production area or warehouse. It t is able to carry containers, boxes, and totes up to 50 kg. As all of the company’s Smart Shuttles, the Smart Container Shuttle is CE.

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