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Fleet equipped with telematics solution

Beekman Transport has equipped its entire fleet of approximately 70 commercial vehicles with telematics solutions from Transics. The tablet-style on-board computer called TX-Sky connects to the CAN network.

Beekman Transport operates across Europe (Photo: Transics)

To ensure optimal service delivery as well as utilization of fleet capacities, transportation specialists are always looking for options to further improve their processes. Therefore, the Netherland-based logistic service company Beekman Transport equipped its entire fleet of approximately 70 commercial vehicles with telematics solutions from Transics, a Belgian Wabco company and solution provider for truck, driver, trailer, cargo, and subcontractor management.

The Dutch transportation specialist recently upgraded its fleet with Transics’ TX-Sky on-board computers. TX-Sky is directly connected to the vehicle’s CAN network and tachograph and registers all truck and driver information as well as data from other sources, including document scanners. As a secured gateway, the computer enables the driver, the dispatcher, and any other involved parties such as subcontractors to exchange information in real time. Via Transics’ online web service platform, the company’s Transport Management System is integrated into the TX-Connect back office software.

Martijn de Greef, Head of Information Technology, Automation, and Fleet Management Solutions at Beekman Transport said: “We searched for a flexible and reliable solution with full integration in our existing transportation software and the software suite of our subcontractors. Due to Transics’ advanced telematics solutions, we are now able to ensure smooth processes via one single online platform and, therefore, enhance the efficiency of both our fleet and our drivers.” Moving forward, Beekmann Transport will provide its subcontractors with TX-Smart, a driver app for monitoring and management with connection to the TX-Connect back office software.

Didier Nulens, Global Sales, Services, and Marketing Leader at Transics commented: “As a logistics, warehousing, and transport specialist, Beekman Transport is keen on ensuring that shipments all over the world are delivered to the right address just-in-time. By offering our telematics solution, we support them to enable high-quality and tailored transport solutions for their customers.”


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