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Control concept

World’s smallest automated mobile working machine

Anedo demonstrated their control concept open:system at Bauma 2016, using a Dino Car for what is presumed to be the world’s smallest automated mobile working machine.

The Dino Car wheelloader/excavator combo (Photo: Anedo)

With the control concept, manufacturers can automate the smallest up to the most complex machines – and add high-speed Internet access. The exhibit is a fully-functioning “wheelloader/excavator combo” that comes with components from the open:system product range. Due to its modular design, the hardware can be set up in small spaces. Manufacturers can equip a machine with required functions without the need for application programming. At the same time, customized modules can be configured directly in the control system’s Codesys, thanks to Ethercat network; and CANopen, J1939, and Isobus interfaces can be distributed anywhere on the machine.

The Dino Car is operated using a joystick control console integrated in the armrest, as well as a T30 and T80 machine terminal from the open:panel range. With regards to the compact T30, which is attached above the joystick armrest, a 5,6-inch display is situated under a glass panel. Due to its integrated ambient light sensor, illumination and coloration are automatically adapted to the environment. A control panel with buttons opens and closes automatically when the user operates the touchscreen or moves their hand away from the operating area. As regards interfaces, the T30 has CAN, Isobus, USB, and Ethercat.

The T80 control terminal is attached right behind the Dino Car backrest. It offers a 12,1-inch display with SVGA resolution as well as a multiscreen concept. The terminal provides tactile feedback using Slide Stick technology, not only with the function buttons, but also with the joysticks, which can both be individually configured and are integrated in the glass panel.

With the open:connect W50, which is also attached behind the seat back, the Dino Car has Anedo’s most recent development as well, which was revealed at the Bauma exhibition for the first time. The open:connect W50 is a high-speed Internet connectivity solution, which can also be retrofitted into existing machines. It supports current communication standards such as 2G/3G/4G, Wifi, and M2M, and offers many wired and wireless interfaces, as well as GPS. Smartphones and iPads can also be directly connected via an app. The open:connect W50 functions as a mobile/internet router, Wifi hotspot and central communication hub on the working machine. Alternatively, it can be installed on a machine as a black box.

The open:gateway translates from proprietary protocols directly to Isobus (Photo: Anedo)

Isobus gateway adapts itself

The company’s open:gateway, which is also part of the open:system product line, makes control units Isobus-compatible. The gateway translates from proprietary protocols on CAN, LIN, EIA-232, and Ethernet directly to Isobus. The machine software does not need do change, because the gateway adapts to the interface of the previous operating unit.

Isobus functionalities such as UT, TC-BAS, TC-GEO, TCSC, AUX-N are supported. Integrated memory offers the possibility to process even complex Isobus visualizations. According to the manufacturer, the Isobus protocol in the gateway is only configured using simple tools and then adapts itself to the existing control system. The gateway can be updated via CAN or Ethernet. An optional three-digit seven-segment display ensures a possible diagnosis of the entire electronics system even in the field.

Anedo: Provider of sustainable system solutions

Anedo (Germany) has recently become a member of CAN in Automation. The company would like to establish itself as a leading provider of electronic systems in agricultural technology. Sustainable system solutions, components, and services for Isobus play an important role. The company is planning on developing its construction machine segment alongside agricultural technology as the most important market for its products.


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