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Since the invention of the refrigeration machine, it has been possible to pursue ice sports outside the cold season. The prerequisite is, of course, an optimally prepared ice surface, the creation, and maintenance of which is a science in itself.

(Photo: Miunske)

For skating, the ice should be no more than 6 cm to 8 cm thick. Bandy, a sport similar to ice hockey, but whose playing field is about the size of a football pitch, is particularly popular in Scandinavia. To maintain such large areas, Izomaskin‘s maintenance machine Izobel 612 can be used. The company based in Österfärnebo, Sweden, which is around 130 km north of Stockholm, can look back at over 25 years of experience in the ice rink machine industry. In its first models, 24 rocker switches with lighting and return signal were installed in the cockpit. A cable harness as thick as an arm was required to connect the control units in the cockpit with the control computer. This also involved a huge workload. Every wire had to be custom-made, crimped on both sides and inserted at the right place in the connectors. Then the harness had to be tied into shape and installed in the machine.

A CAN keypad is used in the maintenance machine of Izomaskin (Photo: Miunske)

That changed when, in 2014, Izomaskin decided to use Miunske‘s (Germany) technology. The rocker switches were replaced by two CAN control and display units. This enabled a total saving of 123 wires – the cable harness is, in fact, no longer a harness. And many inputs and outputs at the control computer can also be dispensed with. That, in turn, saves space and, ultimately, costs. “En hel dag sparar vi“, said Nils-Erik Helmersson, workshop manager at Izomaskin. “One whole day saved“. Izobel 612 has only been on the market for a short time, but even now demand is much higher than expected, said Miunske. Miunske‘s CAN switching and display units can be used in future to implement customer preferences such as other symbols, modified colors, and other functionalities without changing the wiring. The best possible prerequisites for being able to go onto the ice in summer in future, too.

(Photo: Miunske)

Sports fad bandy
Bandy is played on a field that is roughly the size of a football pitch. As with football, each team has eleven players, one of which is the goalkeeper. Bandy is played with a small ball rather than a puck. The usually bright red ball has a diameter of at least 6 cm and weighs about 60 g. A further commonality with football is the playing time: There are two halves, each lasting 45 minutes. However, the rules state that the referee may more than halve the total playing time under „special circumstances“.
This sport is particularly popular in Scandinavia. Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the former Soviet Union (nowadays Russia) founded the Federation of International Bandy (FIB). Denmark and the Czech Republic, the most recent additions to the FIB, did not join until 2014. Today, a total of 33 countries are members. The bandy world championships have been held since 1957, annually since 2003.


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