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CAN network embedded

Radio-controlled crane

F.lli Ferrari (Italy) has developed the 900 series of truck-mountable cranes. The cranes use embedded CAN networks.

The 990 crane can be remotely controlled using a CAN-linked radio transceiver (PhotoF.lli Ferrari)

This series comprises the biggest and most powerful models of the Italian company equipped with a shear ball slewing bearing rotation system. Two models are now available: 980 and 990 with load capacities from 60 t to 90 t. Both are also available with negative angle Jib (six hydraulic extensions). The auto-rotating stabilizers are available in both models (standard in 990, optional in 980). The 990 is additionally equipped with a CAN-connectable radio control by Hetronic as well as controllers and control valves by Sauer Danfoss. These models also feature an other interesting technology such as 10 hydraulic extensions, three planetary slewing motors (up to 33 % more torque) and integral base (reducing the height of the crane and the weight of the installation).

The used PVG 32 proportional valve unit can be used for simple load sensing directional valves to an electrically controlled load-independent proportional valve. The modular product makes it possible to build up a valve group. It comes optionally with CAN connectivity supporting CANopen or J1939 application layers. Via the CAN network it communicates, for example, with Hetronic’s radio receiver.


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