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Reach stacker

Material handling machine

Liu Gong ’s 45-t reach stacker, CLG2450, rolled off the production line at Liu Gong International Industry Park in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China.

The vehicle’s hydraulic system and braking system communicates via CAN (Photo: Liu Gong)

The company’s first large scale machine was specifically built for usage in ports for container loading and unloading. The CLG2450 is designed for container transshipment in seaports, railway stations, and cargo yards. It can be used for container handling, stacking, and short haul transport operations. As Liu Gong’s first heavy-duty material handling machine, the product has a 45-t base capacity. It is the largest and heaviest product and has the most complex hydraulic and electronic control technology in Liu Gong’s material handling product line up.

To meet the demands of customers, the machine adopted many technologies. This includes SAS technology, negative flow feedback control, constant power variable control, temperature variable cooling control, electronic, and touch control. Additionally the vehicle comes with a hydraulic system and braking system which communicates via CAN. A unified managing of engine and gearbox are also provided.

The digital control system of the machine comes with a full digital, multi-language interface and an automatic fault detection system, allowing for quick maintenance and repair, said the company. The implantation of China’s "the Belt and Road” strategy, the expansion of global trade and constant investment in the port construction have all resulted in the rapid growth of cargo transport operations. Per statistics, port container throughput has maintained a more than 5-% growth in recent years, resulting in a demand for application specific equipment to increase efficiency and productivity.


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