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Amsterdam brewer’s drayman go electric

Eletric drives open up possibilities for future-focused ecological and economical vehicle concepts. Brewery trucks with Lenze’s Mobile inside reduce the carbon footprint.

Brewery drivers go electric: The delivery to partner Heineken in Amsterdam far exceeded all expectations (Photo: Lenze Schmidhauser)

Jonas Schuster from Lenze Schmidhauser describes in his article the usage of the DCU/PSU combined inverter and DC/DC converter in trucks used by the Heineken brewery. The CAN-based unit runs the J1939 protocols nicknamed PublicCAN. Ginaf is the truck maker integrating the electrical motor and control system.

The delivery partner of Heineken in Amsterdam uses the DCU/PSU inverter-converter unit in its trucks (Photo: Lenze Schmidhauser)

“The drivers are also very happy with the vehicle – even if the electrical drive demands a completely different driving style because only one pedal is effectively used for acceleration and braking,” reported the author. Because the trucks are used only in Amsterdam between 7:00 and 11:00, the trucks are running not more than 50 km to 60 km on their daily tours. Nevertheless, the battery-powered trucks can run up to 200 km.

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Jonas Schuster (Lenze Schmidhauser)
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