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Service robots: Still just an academic topic?

There are two articles in the 25th CiA anniversary issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine, which informs about service robots.

Paul, a member of the Care-O-bot 4 family, has been greeting customers in Saturn market In Ingolstadt (Germany) since end of October 2016 (Photo: Fraunhofer IPA)

Matthias Lüdkte from the Fraunhofer IPA reports in his article (“Service robots with CAN-driven devices”) about applications, in which service robots developed by the research institute have been used. In ambient assisted living applications, the service robots manipulators and grippers are equipped with embedded CAN networks. The Care-O-bot robot developed by Fraunhofer IPA features a mobile base with an integrated CANopen interface connecting CiA 402 compliant drives.

In another article in the same magazine, Holger Zeltwanger describes the standardization activities regarding standardization of modular service robots. Additionally, the article contains some general information about service robots.

If you want to read the full articles with detailed information, you can download the PDF of Matthias Lüdtke or of Holger Zeltwanger. Or you download the full magazine.

Mathias Lüdtke (Fraunhofer IPA), Holger Zeltwanger (CAN Newsletter)
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